Student Club


MBCET Debate club had its first gathering on 09-Feb 2017. Then onwards the cell has organized weekly discussions and debates on socially relevant issues and events, thereby creating a socially informed student community. The cell also aims at providing sessions on Interview skills and Group discussion; that started off with a brief introductory session on Public Speaking and Presentation techniques.

Office bearers of the club are:

Chairman: Harikrishnan Jayan Menon, S6 ME

Club-in-Charge: Mr AkhilRaj S. R. – APCE

Faculty Representatives:

  • Mr. Tom George- APCE
  • Ms. Anita A. – APCE
  • Ms. Swapna P. S. -APEC
  • Mr. Sherry Varghese George – APEC
  • Mr. Bobin Saji George – APME
  • Ms. Aswathy Ravikumar- APCS
  • Mr. Arun S. Mathew – APEE


Nature club of MBCET is named as ‘PRAKRUTI’. Nature club is an organization of nature lovers from various departments of the college. The club has been active on the campus since March 2015. The club members assemble and elect an Executive Body including President, Vice-President, Secretary for organising various programmes on the campus. Main objective is to develop an awareness of and encourage an interest in the natural environment among its members and the community through meetings, talks, tree walks etc. to help them aware of the concept of ecological balance through environmental education programmes.

Various activities were organized by ‘Prakruti’ such as a talk about nature by Prof. Thangamony for the club members and NSS members. Tree walk was also conducted on the same day. A book was prepared by Ms. Rebecca and Ms. Lekshmi on herbal plants. Herbal garden is maintained and named. Most of the trees in the campus are named. Organized another talk on “Personal footprints” by Prof. Thangamony on 23/8/16. Nature club organized a painting competition on 17/3/17 based on the theme “Water conservation” for the students of MBCET in order to celebrate forest day and water conservation day. To minimize the usage of plastics members of nature club prepared posters on the topic “Impacts of plastic and proper disposal of it”. A tutorial on paper bag making was conducted for the members of nature club on 21/4/2017.

Strength of club: 125 members

Core team members:

President: Dr. T. M. George (Principal, MBCET)

Advisor: Ms. Rebecca T. Thomas

Faculty in charge: Ms. Anu Anna John


  • Ms. Lekshmi I.
  • Ms. P. Muthulekshmi
  • Ms. Jaya S. Pillai
  • Ms. M. B. Nidhi
  • Ms. Jomole J. P.
  • Ms. Jisha J. J.
  • Ms. Uma M.
  • Ms. Lani Rachel Mathew
  • Ms. Dhanya Ramachandran
  • Ms. Jisha Jose
  • Ms. G. Priya

Student core team

  • Arya Vargheese (S4 CS1)
  • Anjitha Anoop (S4 CS2)
  • Mithu Mohan (S4 CE)


Ragam- The MBCET music club envisions to enrich Students’ experience, by encouraging involvement and providing platform for the Students and Faculty Members to expose and widen their various musical talent as well as knowledge. The Music Club is open to all Faculty Members and Students who are interested in music.

The purpose of this club is to promote students participation in the development and enjoyment of their talents in the field of Music. The club has 91 student members and 10 faculty members from various departments. The club activities take place on every Thursday evenings from 4.30 to 5.45 pm in the campus in presence of the staff in charge.

The activities of the club includes,

  • The music club co-ordinated an event – “SWARALAYAM” on 18-11-2016 at the amenity centre in which the student members of the club from various departments showcased their musical talents.
  • The faculty members of the club made a musical performance at the MBCET alumni gathering held on 23-12-2016 at OAT.
  • The club conducted a musical program in view of the Valentines day celebrations at OAT on 17-02-2017.
  • A musical workshop led by Mr. Sachin Shankor Mannath from KM College of Music and Technology, Chennai which will take place on the 06-05-17 is an upcoming event of the club.

Core team members:

Student Coordinators

  • Mr. Ananthakumar S4-EEE
  • Ms. Anjana Gopan S4- ECE

Chief Co-ordinator:   Dr. Sony George – Assistant Professor, S&H

Other Faculty Co-ordinators:

  • Mr. Midhun G., Assistant Professor, EE
  • Ms. Suparna Sreedhar A., Assistant Professor, EC


“Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self”.

Yoga has been gaining immense popularity due to the short-term as well as long-term benefits that it provides. The aims of the yoga enthusiasts are extremely varied. Some are particularly inspired by the spiritual element that yoga provides; others by the increased fitness and flexibility that it results in. Some people find solutions to suffering from varied health disorders and there are others who achieve an all-round development of a calm-stress free mind and a fit body.

Our college proudly supports yoga through club activities. Hours a day sitting at desk or more hours doing homework cause a young body to tense up. Social and family pressures and unfortunately, anxiety, abuse and bullying also take their toll. Stress is a major obstacle to academic achievement, and yoga’s stress relief powers have been shown to boost student performance.

Yoga and Meditation club in our college has its activities going on actively. Club conducts the activities once in a week. The activity includes theoretical, practical classes and convey knowledge about importance of yoga and meditation under the guidance of trained teachers who has about 10 years of experience. While we may speak different languages and come from different states, our problems and questions about life are similar. Modern science has made great strides in helping us improve our standard of living, it has lacked in a holistic approach to help people overcome pain in life and gain lasting happiness. Each of us are on a spiritual journey with life lessons to learn. For those of us who are conscious of spiritual journey and want to progress spiritually, yoga and meditation club would like to help by providing you with a road map so that you can make the best use of every precious moment of your life.

Yoga and Meditation club activity have been conducted weekly one hour. Which includes Meditations, Pranayama- a process of directing energy in our body, Yoga postures and Sooryanamaskara. Yoga is not a religion; it is a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body.


The Creative Writing Club of MBCET came into existence in 3rd November 2016. Students interested in creative writing in English, Hindi and Malayalam is eligible for membership. The club was named as “Akharakkoottam”. Club meetings were held on every Tuesdays.

The important activities of the club:

  • Publication of a Manuscript Magazine
  • Literary calendar 2017
  • Display of Creative Writing Pieces  by members of the club
  • Weekly Presentations of literary contributions by teachers and students.
  • To create an awareness among the members about creative writing and to pay tributes to eminent writers. The following days were observed Khalil Gibran Day, O. V. Vijayan Day, and Shakespeare Day.
  • World Poetry Day was observed on 21st March 2017. Members greeted all the faculty members with greeting cards containing poetic quotes.
  • The highlight of the club activity is the add on course- “Creative and Technical Writing” offered to the members of the club.


An alumni meet of FRAMES members was conducted on 12th August 2016. Five alumni members attended

  • Nithin Sudarsanan
  • Nidhin Kumar H
  • Meera R
  • Anandhu Bhadran
  • Krishnachandran U

Photo contest was conducted during Onam celebrations on the theme “Black & White”.

Onam celebrations was covered by FRAMES.

A photo walk was conducted for the FRAMES members at Vellayani Lakeside. Ten members attended. The photo walk was highly enjoyed and appreciated by the members.

All major events of the college are covered by FRAMES on a regular basis.

A photography workshop was conducted on 18th March 2017. Photography expert Mr. Mahesh Harilal was the recourse person. 30 participants attended the workshop. Certificates were given for participation.

FRAMES undertook the major work of a promotional video for the college. The crew includes five alumni and about 10 active members of FRAMES. One session of the video shoot is remaining (Heli-cam Shots)

Crossroads was officially covered.

Online photography contest “FRAME IT” was conducted and prizes were distributed.

A spot photography contest was also conducted and prizes and certificates were distributed.


Many institutes of excellence have developed many multifaceted enigmas. Theatre has been always considered as an elite device used to bring forth the attention to burning issues through humour, satire, monologues and other similar subtle theatrical expressions

nstitutes of global repute have often formed unofficial theatre groups. The most famous amongst them being The Monty Python and the Flying Circus associated with Oxford university. MBCET is also in our own league in developing well formed individuals and has thus started a theatre club which acts as earth to bring out the creative energies of its students. Though small in size we hope to entertain and tickle the grey matter through few activities like a contemporary skit planned in the near future.


“Robotics” where men teach machines the Three Laws, as proposed by Joseph F Engelberger, the father of Robotics. Many students from MBCET had participated in various robotics competitions and workshops for the last few years and have won prizes too. Students from different departments showed interest in robotics but most their activities stayed within their departments. It was during this time the idea of a common platform for robotic enthusiats​ emerged and the Robotics Club of MBCET was started in Jan 2016 under the leadership of Ani Sam Varghese of Mechanical dept. Being an emerging group robotics club was a supporting member for most of the activities conducted by ieee mbcet chapter. Robotics Club organised Robo-soccer; its first inter-collegiate​ event during crossroads 2016.

On August 2016 the club went for IEEE Robotics And Automation (RAS) chapter registration. The proposal was accepted and The RAS-MBCET chapter was started officially on Dec 2016 with Mr. Vinod V (Sr) Mechanical​ dept. as the chapter advisor and Ajmal M, S7 ME as the chairperson. APJ Abdul Kalam Center for innovation (IEDC) aids the club with the required technical facilities. Members of the club have participated in various intercollegiate events and won prizes for robowar, roborace & robosoccer. Members have also helped in conducting Robowar during crossroads 2017. The Robotics club has planned a number of workshops and competitions in the coming semester.

Ajmal M.

Chairperson IEEE RAS-MBCET (2016-2017)