Student Clubs



Club Co-ordinator: Mr. Sherry Varghese George (EC)

Club Members: Mr. Arun J. S. (EC), Ms. Kiran Baby (CS), Ms. Aneena Babu (CE)

The Photography Club was started in 2009 and the purpose of this club is to promote creativity through photography. The club conducts photography workshops, photowalks etc. FRAMES not only gives the students a platform to nurture their talent in editing and photography but also networking with experts in the field of photography.

Check out the promotional campus tour video shoot done by FRAMES:

For more details, check out our website @


  1. PICXEL, A Webinar on Mobile Photography was conducted by FRAMES-MBCET Photography Club in association with eNIX the Electronics and Communication association of MBCET on 12 September 2020. The session was handled by Arya S. P., President of  FRAMES. A total of 55 students participated. The webinar detailed on techniques used for mobile photography, the lighting, exposure, and angle required. Following the session was a mobile photography competition exclusively for the participants of the webinar. The theme given was “Contemporary Antique Photoshoot Challenge with a tint of creativity and reviving the soul of an antique through the eyes of your phone”. The competition was made open from 12 to 19 September 2020.  Winners were awarded a prize money of 1K.

    FRAMES – MBCET Photography Club conducted a Workshop on Cinematography, titled “FILM IT – Intro to Cinematography” on 16 November 2020. The resource person was Mr. Arfan Abdulazeez, Cinematographer and Editor at Guch. Guch is a Bangalore based company which aims at providing high quality videos at speed and scale. Arfan has also worked in Instagram ad campaigns of CRED. He is also an alumnus of 2014-18 batch of Computer Science & Engineering.

    The workshop had a participation of around more than 50 people. The audience had great fun as they were comfortable listening and getting new ideas from our speaker who had shared is knowledge and secrets on how to become a successful cinematographer. He spoke about his passion for cinematography, how to build a visual studio, framing a shot, camera angle, color palette, camera movements, 180 degree rule and many more. At the end of the workshop, the attendees shared their opinions and queries about cinematography.


FRAMES – MBCET Photography Club in association with Create Media Lounge conducted a Webinar on “THE ART OF PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY” on 2 December 2020. Our resource person was Vishnu S Kumar who is a Psychologist and Photographer by profession. He is now working as Chief operating officer at Create Media Lounge. Create Media Lounge is a film & media production enterprise based in Kochi started by a group of professionals working in film & media industry who provide from pre-production, production to post-production services. They provide services in Corporate Videos, Ad Films, Music Videos, Movie / Event Promo Videos, Poster Designs, Animated Explainer Videos. The Short Film “VEDHI” in which he acted is now officially nominated for the Nawada International Film Festival and Gully International Film Awards 2020. Apart from his profession, he is a content creator for his YouTube channel “The Alien Malayali”.

The audience got new ideas from the speaker who had shared is knowledge and secrets on how to become a good portrait photographer. He spoke about his passion for photography, about lighting, low light photography, theme based photography, shadows, lenses, color palette, his experience during travelling and photo shoots.

4. THE BIG PICTURE – Photography Contest

The Big Picture, an online Photography Competition was conducted in association with the MBCET Middle East Alumni Association Chapter with the theme “The New Normal” which was very much inline with the current situation of the pandemic. The competition started from 6 November to 6 December 2020. The entries were judged by Mr. Vishnu S. Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, Create Media Lounge. The First, Second and Third Prizes were won by Aslam Muhammed S., Salman M. Sulphi and Arya S. Potti respectively. Prizes worth Rs. 1000/- were given to them. Special Appreciation was given to the entries by Timothy C. Mathew, Vaishnavy Menon and Adithya Krishna S.


FRAMES – MBCET Photography Club took up a major work of a Virtual Campus Tour Video Shoot. It highlights the infrastructure, facilities and amenities that MBCET provides. The student crew consisted of Arya S. Potti (S7 EC2), Jishnu Narayanan (S7 CE), Vishnu M. Nair (S7 EE), Hari Shankar R. S. (S7 EE), Oormila Panicker (S7 CS).

The YouTube Link for the video is: 


FRAMES-MBCET Photography Club in association with T4 Talent presented the “Chit Chat with NANA Sisters”. Nayana Josan, an alumna of MBCET and Nandana Josan (S4 CE). They are well known through the dance reality shows – KDL, Super Dance Junior, Munch Dance Dance and movies like Balyakalasakhi, Pattanathilbhootham, various photoshoots and their own YouTube channel.

The anchor for the session was Athena S. (S2 CE1). The media works of the interview was handled by the members of FRAMES – Arya S. Potti (S8 EC2), Jishnu Naryanan (S8 CE1), Oormila Panicker (S8 CS1), Vishnu Nair (S8 EE2), Mohammed Shahan (S6 CS2), Faizan Ahamed Dawood Majahar (S4 EC2), Shahin Sadath (S4 EC2) and Pranav P. (S4 ME2). The admin of the channel is Joel K. Abraham of (S8 ME).

The Chit Chat session was released on the YouTube channel of T4 talent on 27 March 2021. The YouTube Link for the video is:


  1. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we organized a 10 Day Online Challenge called “Grow With Us” in association with MBCETAA-Middle East Chapter on our Instagram page, which aimed at making photographers “Stay Home and Create At Home”. The event was launched through an Instagram Live session with Anoop Babu and Kochuvilayil Lino Lalachan, executive committee members of the MBCETAA-Middle East Chapter.  The event was a huge success with 360+ Entries and saw an active participation from our students, beloved faculty members and alumni from India and the Middle East.

2. We initiated a program called “SnaPro – A Guidance to Photography” on our Instagram page (@framesmbcet) from 6 to 15 April 2020. The program aimed at spreading knowledge about the technical terms and techniques in the field of both Mobile and DSLR Photography.

3. A program titled “Snap – O – Fact” was conducted where we shared some interesting facts related to Photography which was well received by the photography community.

4. A Photography Bootcamp was organized in association with Catalyst – Mar Baselios IEDC on 29 February 2020.

Session 1 titled “Art N Craft of Photography” was handled by Mr. Anandhu V., Lifestyle Photographer and Session 2 titled “Digital Marketing in Photography” was handled by Mr. Ajay S. Nair, CEO & Chief Strategist, Fresh Mind Ideas, Technopark.

5. An Online Photography Contest titlted “Your Best Click!” was conducted with two categories: People’s Choice and Critics’ Choice. The contest was judged by Mr. Mahesh Harilal and prizes were distributed to the winners.

6. FRAMES conducted its Annual General Body meeting on 8 August 2019 and recruited new members and discussed about the club activities for the academic year 2019-20. The club has brought in two more posts (Digital Media Managers and Creative Curators) along with the core posts from this academic year onwards. The Executive Committee members for 2019-2020 consists of:


Two photography workshops were held in association with FRAMES. One was headed by renowned sports photographer Mr. Mahesh Harilal on 20 November 2018 and the second, ‘TILTED TRIPOD’ under the banner of Crossroads ’19 was headed by Mr. Rahul Varghese on 17 February 2019.

FRAMES recruited new members and discussed about the club activities for the academic year 2018-19 on 7 September 2018. The Executive Committee members for 2018-2019 are:

President Vishak Sunil (CS)
Vice President Ayyappan I. V. (ME)
Secretary Dhanush B. Nair (ME)
Joint Secretary Vaishnavy Menon (CS)
Treasurer Jishnu Narayanan (CE)


An alumni meet of FRAMES members was conducted on 12th August 2016. Five alumni members attended

  • Nithin Sudarsanan
  • Nidhin Kumar H
  • Meera R
  • Anandhu Bhadran
  • Krishnachandran U

Photo contest was conducted during Onam celebrations on the theme “Black & White”.

Onam celebrations was covered by FRAMES.

A photo walk was conducted for the FRAMES members at Vellayani Lakeside. Ten members attended. The photo walk was highly enjoyed and appreciated by the members.

All major events of the college are covered by FRAMES on a regular basis.

A photography workshop was conducted on 18th March 2017. Photography expert Mr. Mahesh Harilal was the recourse person. 30 participants attended the workshop. Certificates were given for participation.

FRAMES undertook the major work of a promotional video for the college. The crew includes five alumni and about 10 active members of FRAMES. One session of the video shoot is remaining (Heli-cam Shots)

Crossroads was officially covered.

Online photography contest “FRAME IT” was conducted and prizes were distributed.

A spot photography contest was also conducted and prizes and certificates were distributed.

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) MBCET

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) MBCET

The Oratory club was formed to focus on and bring up public speaking activities in our college.
As a part of club activities a delegation of 29 students had participated in CET MUN’23. The following won awards:
1. Anand Pillai – High Commendation -AIPPM
2. Yash Chhalotre- Verbal Mention- AIPPM
3. Nandana Anand and Abhinav Dev – Verbal Mention – FSC
The core team members of our club are :
1. Yash Chhalotre – S2 EEE
2. Anand Pillai – S2 CSE
3. Shone C Achankunje – S2 ECE
Faculty members are :
1. Dr Veena Nair
2. Dr Archana P Das
3. Ms. Ammu Maria Ashok
4. Mr. Vinu V

GDSC 22-23 lead- Varsha Renjith(CSE 2020-2024)

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Faculty In Charge

Mr Jinu Baby, Assistant Professor, EC

Instagram Page Link:

To know more about us, visit our website (

Google Developer Student Clubs powered by Google Developers is an initiative to expand their knowledge on developer technologies mainly through peer to peer learning environment, and gaining relevant industrial experience. GDSC Leads are selected every year by Google Developer Community after an application and shortlisting sprint. GDSC MBCET is inspired from Google Developers’ Family and their aim is to help carve a niche for developers in and around the campus and enjoy doing it.

GDSC MBCET has made its prime vision to:

  • bridge the gap between theory and practice
  • empower students through peer to peer learning, being part of an all-inclusive community
  • promote a project-based learning approach.

GDSC MBCET was initiated by Aravind Venugopal, 2017-2021 ECE, in the year 2019 with the aim to create a developer ecosystem in the campus and an all-inclusive community culture. The community has got a bunch of passionate students in its core team who believe in the motto Learn | Collaborate | Grow. They organise bootcamps, study jams, project bashes, career development initiatives and community activities to empower students to recognise and achieve their goals.

Within a span of 2 years, GDSC MBCET was able to achieve an exponential growth curve, efficiently impacting 500+ students in college and almost 2000+ students across Kerala along the way as part of different activities and outreach programmes.

Check out our activities for the tenure 2020-21 presented through our digital diary, The Journey (

To know more about us, visit our website (

Advaith U, 2018-22 CSE (GDSC Lead, 2020-21)

Riya P Mathew, 2019-23 CSE (GDSC Lead 2021-22)

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) MBCET

DSC Annual Report 2020 – 2021


UXTopia was a week-long event, organised by GDSC MBCET to endorse different aspects of design in a unique combination among students. The event was conducted from 15 to 21 November, 2021 virtually. There were participants from around the nation as well as from other sides of the globe.

Study jam sessions were held for five days, and were handled by eminent  speakers like Miguel Cardona, Ayesha Rana, Charu Chauda, Evnisha Malani,  Arun J S, Joshin Samuel and Rahul Janardhan. The main focus was to get the participants familiar with the Figma as a UI/UX design tool, and delve more into various other aspects of design – Illustrations, UX Writing, Product Design etc. The in-event tasks helped them to work as a team and learn more progressively. 

The weekend was dedicated to design sprint, where the selected participants worked as design interns for one of the 10 hypothetical companies. Their knowledge and their skill sets were extensively tested. The outcome of the sprint was 11 UI/UX projects complete with case studies. 

By the end of this event every active participant got one complete project with a case study to showcase on their profiles, actual work experience, complete knowledge on the various aspects of design as well as the opportunity to connect with fellow design minds.

This design week was further sponsored by eminent companies like Figma, Mobbin, icons8 and StreamYard, and was one the biggest events organised by GDSC MBCET



MBCET Debate club had its first gathering on 09-Feb 2017. Then onwards the cell has organized weekly discussions and debates on socially relevant issues and events, thereby creating a socially informed student community. The cell also aims at providing sessions on Interview skills and Group discussion; that started off with a brief introductory session on Public Speaking and Presentation techniques.

Office bearers of the club are:

Chairman: Harikrishnan Jayan Menon, S6 ME

Club-in-Charge: Mr AkhilRaj S. R. – APCE

Faculty Representatives:

  • Mr. Tom George- APCE
  • Ms. Anita A. – APCE
  • Ms. Swapna P. S. -APEC
  • Mr. Sherry Varghese George – APEC
  • Mr. Bobin Saji George – APME
  • Ms. Aswathy Ravikumar- APCS
  • Mr. Arun S. Mathew – APEE




“The Greatest Threat to Nature is to believe that someone else will save it.”

Realizing this, “Prakruthi”, the Nature club of Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology has always been committed in sensitizing the students on issues related to Environment. The main objective of the nature club is to create awareness among students on the need for environmental protection, conservation of our resources and to make our campus green and eco-friendly.

Nature Clubs bring students closer to nature and make them realize the importance of maintaining an eco-friendly environment. The Nature Club believes that nature teaches life’s lessons in its own subtle ways and enables our youth to share their responsibilities in preserving a healthy environment and to take steps to avoid environmental degradation in their individual capacity as well as in a group. We empower and sensitise our students on issues related to environmental degradation and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects.

Faculty Co-ordinator

Dr. Jaya S Pillai, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Student Co-ordinator

Mr. Alan A. Vincent, S6 CE1

World Water Day Celebration

As part of the World Water Day Celebrations, the Nature Club of MBCET – ‘Prakruthi’ conducted a quiz competition on March 22, 2024 for students based on the global campaign theme of this year ‘WATER FOR PEACE’.

World Environment Day celebrations

As part of the World Environment Day (June 5)celebrations, Nature club (Prakruthi) organised distribution of 100 saplings to MBCET staff members on 6th June 2024. Dr.Jaya S.Pillai and Ms. Akhila A.M. were the  coordinators of the program.

NATURE CLUB REPORT 2022-23 – Clickhere

NATURE CLUB REPORT 2021-22 – Clickhere

NATURE CLUB REPORT 2020-21 – Clickhere

NATURE CLUB REPORT 2019-20 – Clickhere

NATURE CLUB REPORT 2018-19 – Clickhere


Public Speaking Club

Student Achievement
A delegation of 22 students from our college had participated in MACE-MUN 2023. The following students won:Yash Chhalotre(S3 EL) and Bevis Mathew Thomas(S1CS1) in UNODC, Joel Ipe Samuel(S5CS1) in UNHRC, Ryan M Jacob(S3 EC2) and Ashlin Anil Anthony(S3 EC1) in photojournalist, Best Delegation in IP: Abin S Manoj(S1 EC2),  Vaishnav Prabhath(S3 EC2) in CCC.
The Oratory club was formed to focus on and bring up public speaking activities in our college.
As a part of club activities a delegation of 29 students had participated in CET MUN’23. The following won awards:
1. Anand Pillai – High Commendation -AIPPM
2. Yash Chhalotre- Verbal Mention- AIPPM
3. Nandana Anand and Abhinav Dev – Verbal Mention – FSC
The core team members of our club are :
1. Yash Chhalotre – Student Secretary
2. Vaishnav D. Prabath-Joint Secretary
3. Shone C Achankunje – Treasurer
4. Anand Pillai – Student Mentor
5. Ashlin-Social Media Head
Faculty members are :
1. Dr Veena Nair
2. Dr Archana P Das
3. Ms. Shijin Shaji
4. Mr. Vinu V
Student Achievement 
A delegation of 22 students from our college had participated in MACE-MUN 2023. The following students won:Yash Chhalotre(S3 EL) and Bevis Mathew Thomas(S1CS1) in UNODC, Joel Ipe Samuel(S5CS1) in UNHRC, Ryan M Jacob(S3 EC2) and Ashlin Anil Anthony(S3 EC1) in photojournalist, Best Delegation in IP: Abin S Manoj(S1 EC2),  Vaishnav Prabhath(S3 EC2) in CCC.



Ragam- The MBCET music club envisions to enrich Students’ experience, by encouraging involvement and providing platform for the Students and Faculty Members to expose and widen their various musical talent as well as knowledge. The Music Club is open to all Faculty Members and Students who are interested in music. The purpose of this club is to promote participation of students in the development and enjoyment of their talents in the field of Music.

Strength of club: 148 members

Faculty in-charge: Dr. Shalu George K, Associate Professor, EED.

Core Committe Members:

1. Ashwin A (S5 CS2)
2. Remya Krishnan (S5 EE1)
3. Bharath S Krishnan (S5 ME1)
4. Jonah Jacob Panicker (S5 EC2)
5. Ganesh G S (S5 CE1)

Faculty Members:

  1. Prof. Joseph Cherian (S&H)
  2. Ms. Sruthi Janardhanan (S&H)
  3. Dr. Jisha S V (HoD, CED)
  4. Dr. Alice Thomas (CED)
  5. Ms. Sangeetha Sajeev (CED)
  6. Dr. Anne Dickson (CSED)
  7. Ms. Anjali S (CSED)
  8. Ms. Jayalekshmi J (CSED)
  9. Ms. Shilpa Susan Peter (EED)
  10. Ms. Shilpa George (EED)
  11. Ms. Neetha Chandran (EED)
  12. Dr. M. J. Jayashree (IQAC Coordinator, Professor, ECED)
  13. Mr. Anoop K Johnson (ECED)
  14. Ms. Amritha B J (ECED)
  15. Mr. Alen K Johnson (MED)




  • The music club co-ordinated an event – “SWARALAYAM” on 18-11-2016 at the amenity centre in which the student members of the club from various departments showcased their musical talents.
  • The faculty members of the club made a musical performance at the MBCET alumni gathering held on 23-12-2016 at OAT.
  • The club conducted a musical program in view of the Valentines day celebrations at OAT on 17-02-2017.
  • A musical workshop led by Mr. Sachin Shankor Mannath from KM College of Music and Technology, Chennai which will take place on the 06-05-17 is an upcoming event of the club.

Performing Arts Club


As part of World theatre day program Performing Arts Club MBCET on 16th march 2024 conducted a talk session on Theatre Arts. The online session had Mr. Bilas Chandrahasan an esteemed theatre artist and an acting trainer with over twenty plus years of experience as its speaker. The speaker shared his knowledge and experience about theatre arts and also gave an in depth talk on mime. The talk session had more than 30 participants and received very good feedback from the listeners. The event was a great success and it opened doors for further such programs later down the line.

Staff Club Family Get-Together January 2024

Onam celebrations 2023

International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking Program.

As part of international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking an awareness program was conducted by Performing arts club MBCET on 26 June 2023 from 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm in OAT.

Danspiration a theme based flash mob was performed and was received with huge applause and appreciation from the crowd. It turned out to be a perfect message spreader against drug abuse and illicit trafficking to the young minds of MBCET.

The program’s faculty coordinator was Ms. Akhila A M – AP – CE D and student coordinator was Basil Anil – EEE D S4.

Performing Arts club was launched on 2017 and ever since then the club has made sure that it has stuck to its vision of promoting and engaging students in all disciplines of performing arts.
              The club conducts various programs to give opportunities to students to express their talents and passion. Club also gives a platform for students to nurture their art and explore new forms by conducting workshops on different performing arts.
            Meetings are being held at regular intervals to evaluate club activities and plan for future events. Performing arts club wishes to organize events periodically so as to engage students in activities beyond just academics to keep their minds fresh and rejuvenated.
         Performing arts club also acts as a forum for students to discuss art and its development and it aims to bring out new talents from MBCET.
Faculty in charge :Ms. Akhila A M, AP, CED
Student Co-ordinator:  Basil Anil


         Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) are those software that are liberally licensed to grant users the freedom to run the program for any purpose, to study and modify the program, and to redistribute copies of either the original or modified program (without having to pay royalties to previous developers). The main objective of the club is to adopt and promote the Free and Open Source Software.It can include both the system software as well as the application software. System Software include- GNU/Linux, Apache Web Server, BSD etc. and Application Software include OpenOffice, Gimp, TeX and LaTeX typesetting systems etc.



The Creative Writing Club of MBCET came into existence in 3rd November 2016. Students interested in creative writing in English, Hindi and Malayalam is eligible for membership. The club was named as “Akharakkoottam”. Club meetings were held on every Tuesdays.

The important activities of the club:

  • Publication of a Manuscript Magazine
  • Literary calendar 2017
  • Display of Creative Writing Pieces  by members of the club
  • Weekly Presentations of literary contributions by teachers and students.
  • To create an awareness among the members about creative writing and to pay tributes to eminent writers. The following days were observed Khalil Gibran Day, O. V. Vijayan Day, and Shakespeare Day.
  • World Poetry Day was observed on 21st March 2017. Members greeted all the faculty members with greeting cards containing poetic quotes.
  • The highlight of the club activity is the add on course- “Creative and Technical Writing” offered to the members of the club.

Annual Report 2023- 2024

Student Coordinators(2022-24): Merin (S4 EEE) and Sam (S4 CS1)

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Annual Report 2022-2023 – Clickhere

Student Coordinators (2020-22): Samuel (S2 CS2), Jovin (S2 CS1)

Aksharakootam recently celebrated the birth anniversary of the renowned mystery writer, Agatha Christie. To mark the occasion, they organized the ‘Rewrite the Ending Challenge’. Participants were tasked with rewriting the conclusion of her famous novel, “Murder on the Orient Express”.
The winner of this challenge was Mr. E.V. Jishnu, S1 CS2. He was awarded with an Agatha Christie novel.



“Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self”.

Yoga has been gaining immense popularity due to the short-term as well as long-term benefits that it provides. The aims of the yoga enthusiasts are extremely varied. Some are particularly inspired by the spiritual element that yoga provides; others by the increased fitness and flexibility that it results in. Some people find solutions to suffering from varied health disorders and there are others who achieve an all-round development of a calm-stress free mind and a fit body.

Our college proudly supports yoga through club activities. Hours a day sitting at desk or more hours doing homework cause a young body to tense up. Social and family pressures and unfortunately, anxiety, abuse and bullying also take their toll. Stress is a major obstacle to academic achievement, and yoga’s stress relief powers have been shown to boost student performance.

Yoga and Meditation club in our college has its activities going on actively. Club conducts the activities once in a week. The activity includes theoretical, practical classes and convey knowledge about importance of yoga and meditation under the guidance of trained teachers who has about 10 years of experience. While we may speak different languages and come from different states, our problems and questions about life are similar. Modern science has made great strides in helping us improve our standard of living, it has lacked in a holistic approach to help people overcome pain in life and gain lasting happiness. Each of us are on a spiritual journey with life lessons to learn. For those of us who are conscious of spiritual journey and want to progress spiritually, yoga and meditation club would like to help by providing you with a road map so that you can make the best use of every precious moment of your life.

Yoga and Meditation club activity have been conducted weekly one hour. Which includes Meditations, Pranayama- a process of directing energy in our body, Yoga postures and Sooryanamaskara. Yoga is not a religion; it is a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body.



Many institutes of excellence have developed many multifaceted enigmas. Theatre has been always considered as an elite device used to bring forth the attention to burning issues through humour, satire, monologues and other similar subtle theatrical expressions

nstitutes of global repute have often formed unofficial theatre groups. The most famous amongst them being The Monty Python and the Flying Circus associated with Oxford university. MBCET is also in our own league in developing well formed individuals and has thus started a theatre club which acts as earth to bring out the creative energies of its students. Though small in size we hope to entertain and tickle the grey matter through few activities like a contemporary skit planned in the near future.



Tensorz Club is a place where students get an opportunity to express themselves and unleash their true potential in terms of soft skills which is a necessity in today’s world.

Tensorz Club truly believes that everyone can improve with little moulding provided and the effort that they put in. One cannot simply stand out, they need to have a lot of courage and confidence to raise their opinions and voice out what they really desire.

This club acts as a foundation and as an advisor for students who desire to excel in their respective fields. By having them complete tasks and perform activities which enhances their vocabulary skills, presentation skills and communicative skills, we prepare them to face the world and show what they truly are.

The knowledge gained at Tensorz will prepare them for interviews, inviting more opportunities and will help to find themselves in an easy position and soar to greater heights

The Tensorz Club is thrilled to announce that we are back in action. We have recently formed a new core team that brings together passionate individuals dedicated to achieving our club’s mission and goals. Our new OB team: Sam (S4 CS1), Sophy Maria Joy (S4 EE) Sweta (S4CE2), Hashna (S4 CE2) ,Deanne Rodricks (S4 CS2)

We have carefully planned a series of activities that will engage students and create awareness about our club. These activities will serve as stepping stones towards larger initiatives in the future. Our goal is to reconnect with students, demonstrate the values we bring, and encourage them to join our efforts to help them develop their capabilities and become better professionals

Tensorz Core Team

  1. Dr. Veena Nair (Staff Coordinator ): Assistant Professor in the Department of Science and Humanities
  2. Mr William George (Co-founder of Tensorz ) : S8, ME2
  3. Mr Aaditya Radhakrishnan (Co-founder of Tensorz ) : S8, ME2
  4. Ms Devi Suresh (Co-founder of Tensorz ) : S8, CS1
  5. Ms Anamikaa Nair : S4, EC2
  6. Mr Aswen AM : S4, EC2
  7. Mr Faizan Ahamed Dawood Majahar : S4, EC2
  8. Ms Sanna Pramod : S4, CS1

New OB

  1. Ms. A. Samyukta Syam, S2 EE
  2. Mr. Ansen Lovejen, S2 EC
  3. Ms. Athena S, S2 CE1
  4. Ms. Megha, S4 CE1
  5. Mr. Mohammad Rawther, S2 ME
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Tensorz Club organised a motivational talk on ‘Changing Faces, Changing Times’ on October 1, 2023. The resource person was Mr. Khader Hassan, Film Producer, Director and Businessman. Around 75 students attended the session.

Open Lab AI club

Open Lab AI club was constituted with new student ambassador Ann shiny, S7CS1 on October 2022.First technical session of Open Lab AI was taken by Bharat T U, Engineer, TCS. Open LAB AI started Student Talk series on 16.11. 2022.The first session of the talk series was handled by Ms Riya P Mathew, s7cs1.She explained her path and topic was “My Dive into Machine Learning”. Next session was on 23.11.22, on topic “Introduction to Figma by RHEA MERIN, On 30.11.22. Mr Kevin Jacob of s7 CS1 gave brief introduction about “Web 3.0”. Don Kora Jacob, CEO & founder of Tatos tech was the next speaker, he explained the journey towards his startup.
On January,2024 a new executive committee was constituted with new student ambassador Adlu Rehman, S6CS1. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with CSI-SB & Data Analytics Research Group, Open Labs AI of Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology organized 6 days Online Faculty Development Programme on “Generative AI with Hands on Training Using Python” from 29 January to 03 February 2024.