Nursing Station

             The Nursing Station has been functioning effectively in providing emergency and primary medical and nursing care for the students, faculty and staff of the College. Students and staff are benefited by the services rendered from the Nursing Station. The First Aid kits for the various Departments, Labs, Offices, College buses, Security posts, Mar Aprem Hostel, Mary Matha Hostel and Canteens are provided and also maintained by the Nursing Station. First-aid is given in emergency cases. Also, awareness about the health and hygiene are given through lectures and counselling. If any student or staff shows any symptoms of sickness he/she will be first brought to the Nursing Station, given first aid and then will be directed to the hospital for consulting the medical personnel, if necessary. Lt.Col Sifi Kuriakose co-ordinates the activities of the Nursing Station. There are MOU with both nearby Credence Hospital and Santhwana Hospital for emergency medical attention and treatment.