Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC)

Catalyst- Mar Baselios IEDC

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre of Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology, Catalyst was inaugurated in the year 2013 with a purpose of inspiring students to become independent engineers by exposing then to the world of Entrepreneurship through Innovation. The Centre aims in sharpening the skills of students, broadening their knowledge base and equipping them with technical and non-technical qualities that an engineer need.

Rather than pushing students to startup, the centre believes in inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit in students. The members have identified the true joy of self-learning and they passionately involve in brining life into their ideas, to solve the problems that they see around. They know the importance of spreading this fire to ignite the minds of their fellow students and hence have dedicated all their work in IEDC for this purpose, besides working on their own individual projects. Catalyst Mar Baselios IEDC aims in helping the students follow their dreams and passion to help them depart MBCET campus not just as engineering graduates, but as real engineers who seek and solve problems.

The Executive Committee

The Executive committee of Catalyst works as a team which identifies the opportunities and challenges around social as well as engineering scenarios. The core working committee of IEDC has 14 student members and 1 faculty member. The faculty member in charge is designated as the Nodal Officer of IEDC.

The members of Executive committee are:

  1. Nodal officer (Faculty Member)
  2. CEO- Chief Executive Officer
  3. COO- Chief Operations Officer
  4. CTO- Chief Technical Officer
  5. CCO- Chief Creative Officer
  6. CMO- Chief Marketing Officer
  7. CSO- Chief Social Officer
  8. CFO- Chief Finance Officer
  9. Executive Creative Curators (7 student members)

 The Executive Committee Selection

The members are selected through IEDC RELevent- Recruitment of Emerging Leaders Event; which is a two-day event where students are given multiple assignments and activities to measure their attitude and growth mindset. The major sessions were based on ideation, productization, communication, stress management. It was followed by a one to one discussion with an external panel.

IEDC Catalyst link – Clickhere

RELEvent 2018(13 – 14 JAN  2018)

The Catalyst MBCET Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development, IEDC conducted RELevent for Executive Committee 2018 selection. The event was held on 13 and 14 January 2018. Prof. SarjuKottapuram from St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology &Prof. Aneesh Surendran from SNIT, Adoor were invited to analyze the student for the selection process. 30 students from various departments attended the event.


Two days Robotics Workshop organized by Catalyst was conducted for first year students of Mechanical Engineering on 13th and14th January 2018.

IEDC MBCET, aims at a building a strong foundation for the students for improving their technical competence through workshops and out of the syllabus learning. As a part of this motive, an Arduino based Robotic Car Making Workshop, Robotics Maker’s Camp was conducted from 19th to 23rd February 2018 for Semester 2 students. With the learning process the students competed for the Award of Best Robotic Car through the evaluation of multiple parameters.


The new members elected into IEDC Executive committee were announced and felicitated. The meeting also appreciated the previous executive committee members. Dr. T. M. George, Principal, MBCET and Prof. S. Viswanatha Rao, Vice Principal, MBCET addressed the students and provided them direction and insights for taking the IEDC activities to the next level.


An inspirational session on “Entrepreneurship-Creating the future” was  taken by Mrs Rina Vivekanandan, Sr Vice President of ECESIS Care,  on 3rd February 2018 as part  of STHITHI’18, organized by Women in Engineering(WIE) IEEE MBCET student chapter along with Catalyst.  40+ students from various Engineering colleges attended the talk.

Faculty Development Programme on Basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning(12 – 13 JULY 2018)

Two-day Faculty Development Programme on Basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learningwas organized by Catalyst, IEDC MBCET and Department of Computer Science and Engineering for the faculty members from 12 – 13 July 2018. The event saw participation of 25faculty members from various departments.

Topics covered:

  • Machine learning basics
  • Hands-on session in python in data science
  • Linear regression and logistic regression
  • Artificial Neural network

Deep learning and convolutional neural network

INDUSTRY 4.0 Towards Embedded Future(16-20 July 2018)

We stand on the verge of a new age technological revolution that will alter the fundamental way we think, act, relate and communicate. The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and its happening at exponential speed. The key is to up-skill and re-skill relentlessly to stay relevant in the futuristic world.With this objective in mind, Catalyst- Mar Baselios IEDCin association with Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a five-day workshop on embedded and futuristic technologies that are spearheading the wave of Fourth Industrial Revolution.45 faculty members from various engineering as well as polytechnic colleges acrossthe state participated in the 5-day event. B’ hub and Destination Kerala associated as Knowledge and Magazine partners respectively.

Industry 4.0 Session Details

  • Day 1- Dr.Dilip Thomas on Artificial Intelligence
  • Day 2- Mr. JerilLalu on Virtual Reality
  • Day 3- Mr. Senthilkumar on Internet of Things
  • Day 4- Ms. Resmi and team from TCS on Robotics and Drones
  • Day 5- Mr. Mr. Jithin Krishnan on Assistive Technologies

The idea of the whole event was to create a solid exposure in the emerging futuristic technologies which will drive the interest of academia from novice to expert level.

The contents were organized top-down where we start with a use case and develop it downwards into its technical details, which turned out to be a very effective model to entice the audience.

While Dr.Dilip Thomas brought in an absolute revelation in convolutional neural networks and how AI is going to dominate so many existing jobs very soon, Mr. Jeril depicted how virtual reality is becoming a parallel reality which enables mankind to physically interactwith digital information.

Mr. Senthil Kumar delivered a splendid session on his transformational journey from employee to entrepreneur. The way he crafted a solution for his pregnant sister’s vital statistics measurement and made the doctor to diagnose remotely was very inspiring. He also delivered an incredible activity-oriented session where he made participants to enact as the basic elements of an IoT network, which created absolute clarity regarding the backend operation.

The CTO incubations team from the Innovation lab of Tata Consultancy Services engaged the audience with their live drone session and RADA-the robot that uses AI to assist customers, address their queries and entertain them which isdeployed by the team in Delhi International airport. Mr. Jithin Krishnan gave an insight on the assistive implants and the possibilities &revolution that is going to happen with the convergence of medical and engineering streams.

Short Term Training ProgrammeonDistributed Generation and Smart Grids (30 July to 1 August 2018)

The Short Term Training Programme on onDistributed Generation and Smart Grids, DSG’18 was organized by Catalyst- Mar Baselios IEDCin association with Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering,Mar Baselios College of Engineering& Technology, Trivandrum, from 30thJuly to 1st August 2018. The programme was co- sponsored by Energy Management Centre (EMC), Kerala.

Session details

  • Introduction to microgrid and smartgrid
  • Cloud computing and smart grid
  • Control Strategies of grids
  • Wide area measurement systems
  • Hybrid electric vehicles
  • Power quality issues

A total of 41 participants successfully completed the course for the award of certificates.

Entrepreneurship Awareness Session 1 (30-Jul-18)

Entrepreneurship awareness session by Director of B’hub Mr. R Abhilash was organized for first year students. Mr. Renjith Ramachandran, Founder of Technopark Today also shared his insights on the future of job and how the hiring pattern in industries is changing.  237 students participated in the session.

 Entrepreneurship Awareness Session 2 (30-Jul-18)

Innovations that are disrupting the existing technologies and jobs and how the fourth industrial revolution is going to change the professional plane was put on discussion durin the session by Mr. Arun J. S, Nodal officer of Catalyst- Mar Baselios IEDC. 84 students from first year Mechanical Engineering attended the session.