Information Technology Management and Services (ITMS) division effectively manages the IT infrastructure facilities and provide quality IT Services for the Institution’s Academic, Research and Administrative needs. ITMS is headed by the Head-ITMS and has four sub units, namely Server Administration, Network Administration, Software Development and Systems Support having a total of nine staff members.

Core Services

• Installation, Operation and Management of the computer backbone network in the college buildings.
• Installation and Maintenance of all computer hardware and systems like PC’s, UPS, WiFi Access Points, LCD               projectors, Biometric machines etc
• Connection of the College Network to Internet through UTM device and its management.
• Provision of a central storage space and email service for all staff.
• Installation, Operation and Management of Student Management System, Course Management System (Moodle), Digital Library (DSpace), Biometric Attendance System, Streaming media server, Email server and other Campus management Software.
• Co-ordination of Campus-wide software licenses.
• Co-ordination of on-line publication on the college website.