It’s a fact that friends are getting out of touch after the college life. This may be due to their busy schedule in making their own life. Some of them may be busy with their job, some may go abroad, and some may go for higher studies. So there should be some platform for the past students to be in touch with each other and to be in touch with the college were they spend the most important part of their life. That’s why we formed the Alumni association of our college MBCETAA. Through this all the pass outs of MBCET can be a part of the development and success of the college. The MBCETAA will be maintaining a website for the alumnus,containing all the details and updates of the members of the association.

Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology Alumni Association, or MBCETAA is as the name suggests the alumni association of one of the most reputed Engineering colleges in Trivandrum, Kerala. The Alumni association was conceived with the help and co-operation of the Principal, and management of the college. The association was formally inaugurated on 25th of January, 2009 by Fr. John Thundiyath. The inaugural meet was presided over by the principal Mr. K M Raju, and some cultural programmes were presented by few of the alumnus. The inaugural ceremony was attended by the alumni of the college who came from different parts of the world as they were more than glad that such an association took birth in their own college. There will be annual meets for the alumni association, So that all the members of the association can meet once in a year and share their innovative ideas and thoughts for the development of the college. The annul meet will be held on 26th of every December. The main aims and objectives of MBCETAA and the membership details are given.

Aims and Objectives of MBCETAA

  1. To maintain the contacts of the alumni of the college.
  2. To provide a forum for bringing together the old students of the College, so that they can contribute effectively to the cause of engineering education and research in the country.
  3. To promote cultural and social contacts among the members so as to develop a sense of tradition and heritage, this in turn will lead to the further growth and prosperity of this great institution and her progeny.
  4. To institute awards, scholarships, research grants and book banks for the students of this college.
  5. To provide with possible financial help to members doing research publications in International journals, conferences and workshops, which ultimately bring fame to the College.
  6. To provide opportunities for developing entrepreneurship and practical know how among the students and also to impart vocational and career guidance to them.
  7. To provide financial assistance to one or more financially weak and meritorious students secured admission in the College thought —out their course of study every year.
  8. To maintain a Website of the Association []
  9. To help the students graduating from the College in securing professional training and employment consistent with their qualification.
  10. To help the students in identifying organizations for doing project works in connection with their curriculum.
  11. To arrange in the College, technical talks by eminent alumni.
  12. To help the community around the College by extending possible free technical consultancy in areas of their interest.
  13. To help the children of the members in identifying better career prospects or options for higher studies.
  14. To present before the various forums at National level, the possible suggestions for revamping the Engineering Education in the Country.
  15. To promote the extra-curricular talents of the children of the members by conducting annual competition in arts and sports activities
  16. To provide for online registration in the website of the association details of members seeking assistance among the members or for their associates.


There shall be three classes of members as below.

  1. Life Members: All the past students of the college who pay a sum of Rs.1000/- shall be life members of the Association.
  2. Associate Members: All the past and present teachers of the college, who are not alumni of the College belongs to this category of members.
  3. Honorary Members: Invited personalities of eminence and leaders of the engineering profession proposed by the Executive committee and approved by the General Body belongs to this category of members.

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