Cells and Groups

Environment Management Cell

The Institute has a Environment Management Cell that facilitates the smooth functioning of the three cells namely Waste Management cell, water management cell, Energy management cell  under the umbrella of  Environment Management Cell.

The cell periodically conducts / monitors : 

1)Green /Environment Audits

2) Activities of 3 cells

3) Encourage various initiatives to inculcate environment consciousness through innovative practices

Policy statement
MBCET avows to protect the Environment by maintaining a Green, Eco-friendly campus, and by creating an awareness among it’s stakeholders both as individuals and members of the society, so as to contribute to making the earth, our common home, a sure haven and a comfortable abode for the posterity.

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Nidhi MB, Associate Professor, MED, MBCET

Waste Management Cell

The Institute has a Waste Management Cell that facilitates the smooth functioning of the various types of wastes generated in the premises through effective Waste Management and sustainable practices in converting Waste to resource. Regular monitoring, conduct of awareness sessions for the stakeholders, encouraging innovative ideas and projects towards efficient disposal of waste are undertaken by the cell and various departments as when required.

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Soumya A V, Assistant Professor, EED.

Activities of the cell 2022-23

Activities of the cell 2021-22