Ms. Naicy M John


  1. Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation (Keltron), Tvm
    Designation        : Technical Apprentice
    Duration             : 1 yr(Dec 2001 – 2002 Dec)
  2. Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation (Keltron), Tvm
    Designation        : Computer Technician
    Duration             : 1 year 3 months  (April 2003 to June 2004)
  3. Authentic Books, Kowdiar, Tvm
    Designation        : System Programmer
    Duration             : 2 yr 2 months (July 2004 to Sep 2006)
  4. Mar Baselios College of Engineering & Technology, Tvm
    Designation        : Lab Instructor G I
    Duration             : Oct 2006 to till date

Industry: 4 yrs

Teaching :15 yrs

Ms. Rejani L

Experience: 15yrs

Working as Lab Instructor at  Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology from June 2006 to till date.

Dr. Tessy Mathew

Area of interest
  • Machine Learning
  • Cellular Automata
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  1. Detection and Recognition of License Plate Using CNN and LSTM- Anaya Anson, TessyMathew – Advances in Communication Systems and Networks, 2020
  2. U. Srinivasa Rao L. Jeganathan ,Tessy Mathew,   has published a paper titled “Error Bounds for Darboux Integral of Continuous Functions with Supremum Norm Using Cellular Automaton” in International Journal of Control Theory and Applications ISSN : 0974-5572, Volume 9, 2017
  3. Jayalekshmi and Tessy Mathew has published a paper  ” Multimodal Sentimental Analysis-A study on classification Techniques for Multimodal Sentimental Analysis” in International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering (IJIRCCE) Vol. 4, Issue 9, September 2016.
  4. Tessy Mathew, L.Jeganathan, Srinivasa Rao ,Cellular Automata model for new investors for safe investment based on expert recommendation”, International Journal of Economics and Business Research-2017
  5. Tessy Mathew, L.Jeganathan, Srinivasa Rao, Cellular Automata for decision making in stock trading- Journal of Computational Econometrics -2015
  6. Ms. Tessy Mathew and Bini B S, “Study of Clustering Approach for Stock Market Prediction”,  National Conference on Innovation in Communication and Network ICONET’15, March 31 2015
  7. Bini B S, Ms. Tessy Mathew, “Clustering and Regression Techniques For Stock Prediction”, ICETEST 2015
  8. Koshy George, Ms. Tessy Mathew, “Big Database Stores – A review on various big data datastores”, ICGCIoT 2015
  9. Anjana Ramesh, Binu G Nair, Poornima V and Ms. Tessy Mathew, “Predictive Analytics of Breast Cancer”, MBCET Journal of Research, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Nov 2015
  10. Ms. Tessy Mathew,Mr.L.Jeganathan and Ms.Elizebeth Sherly “NSE Stock Index prediction using NARX and SVM Techniques”, International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication and Information Science, 2014
  11. Ms. Tessy Mathew,Mr.L.Jeganathan ,Vijaya ,Kalyani DesikanAn Ensembled Neural Network Classifier for Vehicle Classification using ILD, Published in Communications in Computer a Information Science series(CCIS) volume 0270
  12. Vehicle Classification using SCG and LM Algorithms with Back-Propagation Neural Networks, Published in ICICIC Proceedings January2012

Faculty as resource person

  • Resource person for 4 day FDP on “Recent trends in Computing Technologies and Tools” Conducted by Dept. of Information Technology, Panimalar Institute of Technology, Chennai.
  • Resource Person of Summer Internship on ‘Deep Learning’ organized bybDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering, MBCET from June 24th-July 19th, 2019.
  • Resource Person in National workshop on Advanced Deep Learning in association with Bennett University, May 2019.
  • Resource Person of TEQIP funded Three Day FDP on ‘Computer Vision & its Applications’ organized by Department of CS/IT, College of Engineering Perumon, Kollam during April, 2019.
  • Resource Person of Short Term Training Program on Deep Learning and IoT Applications using MATLAB organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, MBCET during January 2019.
  • Resource Person of Two Day National Workshop on Deep Learning organized by Computer Society of India Trivandrum Chapter during December 2018.
  • Resource Person on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Workshop organized by ISTE MBCET Students Chapter in association with Department of Computer Science and Engineering during Nov 2018.
  • Resource Person of FDP on Basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning organized by Department of CSE, MBCET during July 2018.

Achievements of faculty

  • Got approval for KTU  research guideship.
  • Indoor navigation aid for the visually challenged (Sponsoring agency-CEDS)
  • Travelling aid for Visually challenged people (Sponsoring agency-CEDS)
  • Weather Prediction using Deep neural Network (Sponsoring agency-MBCET)
  • Prostate Segmentation of MRI using CNN (Sponsoring agency-MBCET)

Workshops, conferences, seminars, organised by the faculty

  • Organizing chair of International Conference on Networks & Advances in Computational Technologies (NetACT19 and NetACT17) organized by MBCET and Bowie State University, USA, Gannon University, USA & Malardalen University, Sweden in July2019 and 2017
Professional Memberships
  • Life Member – Computer Society of India
  • Teaching: 15 Years
  • Research: 4 years
  • Industry: 3 years

Dr. R. Vikraman Nair

Area of interest
  • Software Engineering
  • Embedded Systems

1. SS Umasankari (IITM) et al, R. Vikraman Nair, Ontology for launch vehicle mission simulation, Journal of Aerospace Information Systems, Vol. 14, No. 3, March 2017, ISSN: 1940-3151

2. Dr. R Vikaraman Nair, Ms. Aswathy Ravikumar and Deepthi.S published a paper titled “Risk analysis for astronaut selection during space flight cardio vascular problem-Classification using Random Forest Algorithm” IEEE Global Conference on Communication Technologies 2015

3. Dr. R Vikaraman Nair and Ms. Aswathy Ravikumar published a paper titled “Risk Prediction during Astronaut selection for space flight cardiovascular problem” International Journal of Applied Engineering Research- SCOPUS Index 2015

4. Mr. Vikraman Nair, Ms. Aswathy Ravikumar, Deepthi S, “Evaluation of Classification Techniques for Arrhythmia Screening of Astronauts”, International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology (ICETEST), 2015.

5. Dr. R Vikraman Nair and Remya Kartha “Data Mining for Casual Analysis of Software Defects” International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing(IJCSMC), ISSN 2320- 088X, Vol.2, Issue 13, December 2013.

Professional Memberships
  • MCSI
  • Industry : 39 years
  • Teaching : 7 Years

Prof. Raju K Gopal

Area of interest

  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Vision
  • Cyber Security
  • Next Generation Networks and Protocol Architecture

Started career as Research and Development Engineer at CDAC (former ER&DC from 1984 for 12 years) and involved in the design, development and implementation of various computer and communication projects for different corporate and government departments.

Projects handled (Research & Development):-

  • Operating System and its utilities development for an indigenously made minicomputer.
  • Data Acquisition System (DAS) for nuclear power plants.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems for airports.
  • WAN Communication protocol development and implementation for Dept. of Defence.
  • Implementation of communication protocols – ISDN, Q.931 Call Access Procedures, X.25 & Frame Relay.

After becoming Certified Netware Engineer (CNE) in 1996 moved to Singapore and associated with few Computer System Integrator (SI) companies till 2012.

Responsibilities (Industry):-

  • Design, implementation and provide consultancy services for network infrastructure based solutions – LAN, WAN, Security and Remote Access.
  • Involved in the computerization program of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance, Singapore.
  • Provide solutions for Pervasive Networking, Data Center Networking, Converged Network Infrastructure, Secure Remote Access, Network Virtualization, Cloud, Networking overlay and underlay technologies.
  • Hands on experience with industry leading networking vendor products – routing, switching & security products – Cisco Routers, Multilayer Switches, Firewall and VPN boxes, Juniper Switches, VPN solutions, Checkpoint Firewall, Cloud setup using HP, IBM blade servers and VMware virtualization.


  • Raju K Gopal, Bhagya SL, A novel data storage solution for cloud, IEEE Xplore: October 2017.
  • Raju K Gopal, Sherin Pter Multi-level authentication system for smart home-security analysis and implementation, IEEE Xplore: January 2017.
  • Mr. Raju K Gopal, Arunima S Kumar, “Data Mining Based Crime Investigation Systems:Taxonomy and Relevance”, Proceedings of 2015 Global Conference on Communication Technologies (GCCT), 2015.
  • Jinu Ann Tomy ,Neeta Elizabeth Philip ,Nisha Thankam Cherian , Priyatha R.P, Mr. Raju K  Gopal ,”Image Spam Detection Based on Feature Extraction and SVM classification” , MBCET Journal of Research, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Nov 2015.
  • Mr. Raju K Gopal and Anilekha Thampi, “A Review on Different Encryption Algorithms for a Wellness Tracking System”, IEEE Global Conference on Communication Technologies, 2015.
  • Mr. Raju K Gopal and Arunima S Kumar, “Data Mining Based Crime Investigation Systems: Taxonomy and Relevence”, IEEE Global Conference on Communication Technologies, 2015.
  • Nikitha Bhasu and Raju K Gopal, “Enhanced Security Solution to Prevent Online Password Guessing Attacks”, SSRG International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering (SSRG-IJCSE), Vol.1, Issue 6, August 2014.

Administrative Duties (Academic):

  • HoD, IT Management Services
  • PG Coordinator – Computer Science Department
  • Convenor – International Conference “Mobility in Computing” (ICMIC13)
  • Publication Chair – International Conference on Networks & Advances in Computational Technologies (NetACT17)
  • Publication Chair – International Conference on Networks & Advances in Computational Technologies (NetACT19)


Teaching:  7 years

Research: 12 years

Industry: 16 years

Ms. S. Asha

Area of interest

Computer Networks, Ad-hoc Networks, Mobile communication, Computer Organization, Wireless Networks



• UGC Sponsored national conference on recent trends in Computational Mathematics- March 18, 19, 2004 at Gandhigram Rural Institute by Asha S., Ramola Joy, on “Texture Analysis using GLCM and Wavelet Transform”
• National Conference on recent trends in Communication Techniques – NATCON’04, April 7, 8, 2004 by Asha S., Ramola Joy, on “Still Image Compression using fuzzy logic based predictive coding.”

Professional Memberships
  • ISTE Life member

• Working in Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology since November, 2004.
• Worked as Lecturer at Mohandas College of Engineering from August, 2004 to October, 2004
• Worked as Lecturer at Narayana Guru College of Engineering from January, 2004 to July 2004.

Ms. Elizabeth B. Varghese

Area of interest
  • Image Processing , Computer Networks, Cryptography


1. Vijitha Robinsonand Elizabeth B Varghese has published a paper ” A Novel Approach for ensuring the privacy of EEG signals using Applications specific feature extraction and AES algorithm”, in the International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies (ICICT) , 26-27 August 2016.

2. Neenu J S and Elizabeth B Varghese has published a paper ” A Novel Approach for SCC Algorithm using pattern Based Image Steganography”, IEEE International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies (ICICT) , 26-27 August 2016

3. Ms. Elizabeth.B.Varghese published a paper entitled “Face Recognition Based On Vector Quantization Using Fuzzy Neuro Clustering” in the International Journal of Computer, Information Science and Engineering, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index 83, 7(11), 153 – 162, December 2013.

4. Ms. Elizabeth.B.Varghese, Mr. George Malayil, Ms. Rintu Rajan, Ms. Gouri R and Mr. Amit Sebastin has presented a paper entitled “Facial Recognition Approach for Universal Identification” in the International Conference on Mobility in Computing (ICMiC’13) conducted at MBCET, on 17th and 18th December, 2013 and was published in the journal IJCSMC.

5. Elizabeth B. Varghese and M Wilscy, “A Fuzzy Neuro Clustering Based Vector Quantization for Face Recognition” In Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications (ACC 2011), Part III CCIS 192, pp 383-395, Springer, July 2011

6. Elizabeth B Varghese and M Wilscy “Vector Quantization Based Face Recognition Using Integrated Adaptive Fuzzy Clustering” In Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel, Distributed Computing Technologies and Applications (PDCTA 2011) ,CCIS 203, pp 31-43, Springer, September 2011

7. Elizabeth B Varghese and M Wilscy “A Fuzzy-Neuro Approach to Vector-Quantization based Face Recognition” in Research Journal of MBCET, September 2011

8. Elizabeth B Varghese, Divya Luke, Divya P S, Sony L Johnson, Sreeprabha S, “Software Plagiarism Detection Techniques: A Comparative Study”, IEEE Global Conference on Communication Technologies, Vol. 5(4), 2014.

Professional Memberships
  •  Life Member of ISTE

• Working in since June 2004.
• Worked as Guest Lecturer at College of Engineering, Kidangoor from January 2004 to April 2004.