Dr. Jisha John

Assistant Professor

Area of interest
  • Image Processing

1. Vivek Jude, Nayana A, Reshma Pillai and Dr. Jisha John published the paper titled “Personalized Educational Platform”, Fourth International Symposium on Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications (ISTA’18), Springer Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Series.

2. Aswathy Ashok, Dr. Jisha John published the paper titled ” “Facial Expression Recognition System for Visually Impaired “,  Springer International Conference on Intelligent Data Communication Technologies and Internet of Things (ICICI 2018).

3. Published a paper entitled “Restoration of Antique Documents from Yellowing and Foxing” in the National Conference on Recent Advances in Signal and Image Processing NCRASIP-2012 organized by the school of Information Science & Technology on May 24-26, 2012.

4. Published paper entitled “Iterative Switching Filter For High Density Noise removal” in the International Journal for Scientific and Engineering Research, Vol3, Issue 7,July 2012 Edition.

5. Published paper on “A Novel Wavelet Fusion method for Contrast Correction and Visibility Enhancement of Color Images” for the 2008 International Conference of Signal and Image Engineering, London, WCE 2008,U.K., 2-4 July 2008.

6. Published paper on “Enhancement of Weather Degraded Video Sequences using Wavelet Fusion”, for the 7th IEEE International Conference on Cybernetic Intelligent Systems 2008, September 9-10, 2008, Middlesex University, London, U.K.

7. Published paper on “Enhancement of Weather Degraded Color Images and Video Sequences using Wavelet Fusion”, in Advances in Electrical Engineering and Computational Science, Lecture Notes in Electical Engineering, by Springer-Verlag.

8. Published paper on “Expectation Maximization with Distance Measure for Color Image Segmentation”(Poster Presentation) in 2008 IEEE Region 10 Colloquium and the Third ICIIS, Kharagpur, INDIA December 8-10.

9. Ms. Jisha John, and M. Wilscy, “Image processing techniques for surface characterization of nanostructures”, 2016 International Conference on Circuit, Power and Computing Technologies (ICCPCT), IEEE, 2016.

10. Ms. Jisha John, Elton Thomas, Balamuvesh B, “Smart Rain Power and Water Harvesting System”, Kerala Technological Congress (KETCON-2016 Technology for Sustainability).

11. Ms. Jisha John, Madhu S Nair, P R Anil Kumar, M Wilcy, “A novel approach for detection and delineation of cell nuclei using feature similarity index measure”, Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, Elsevier, 2015.

12. Ms. Jisha John, Mr. Robin Joseph, Sruthi Ignatious, Dr. Anil Prahladan, “Computer Aided Lung Cancer Detection and Tumor Staging in CT image using Image Processing”, International Journal of Computer Applications, 2015.

Professional Memberships

• Working in since July 2009
• Worked as Assistant Professor at Vellore Institute of Technology from May 2008 to April 2009