MBCETians at Airship Regatta, IIT Bombay

MBCETians have successfully developed an Indoor Airship and exhibited the same at India’s very first International Conference on Design and Engineering of Lighter-Than Air Systems held at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay from 24-26 June 2022.

The team from Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology (Autonomous) | Thiruvananthapuram | Kerala named as SkyArc was the only team who got qualified from South India and the only team from Kerala to participate in the Airship Regatta Competition.
The team members comprised of students from S4 Mechanical Engineering:
Vignesh K.
Arjundev J. A.
Gokul Krishna Gopakumar
V. S. Savio
The team was mentored by Dr. Deepak G Dilip, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering