Team Anamnesis in the Top 12 @ Cisco ThinqQbator

Out of 120 teams all over India,
Team Anamnesis got selected as one of the top 12 teams and won a cash prize of Rs. 40,000/- in the Cisco ThingQubator programme.

After different levels of screening and around 4 months mentoring, the team developed a product “BitMedi”, a user friendly secure app for the storage of medical records of patients in an organized manner.

▪︎Abhijeet C – S7 CS1
▪︎Bharath TU – S7 CS1
▪︎Rahul Sunil – S5 CS1
▪︎Kesia Mary Joies – S5 CS1
▪︎Neha Sabu – S5 EC2