Startup Cosmic Wealth LLC. featured in Hindustan Times

Ridhwik Vinod and Goutham Bhaskar are alumni of 2015-2019 batch of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Ridhwik Vinod and Goutham Bhaskar are the founders of the startup Cosmic Wealth LLC. Their journey as stock traders began back in 2016 in their first year of college when they were so fascinated by the concept of stock markets. Their career in the capital markets began after investing all they had to consume all the information and knowledge available around them. Things took a fly, as time passed by, and they were getting better and better at it after days and weeks of research and experimenting.

By converting experience and knowledge into comprehensive sessions, Cosmic Wealth has placed all their clients onto the fast track to financial independence. Cosmic Wealth helps you to tame the stock market and mentor you on how to make consistent source of money from the stock markets daily with well crafted and expertly backtested strategies. It’s a team of professional traders with over 4 years experience in this domain which has a client base of more than 500 across the world. The expert support and professional strategies are key factors in achieving financial freedom deserved by the clientele.

Cosmic Wealth LLC has its office at Hatch Spaces, Sasthamangalam.