Internship @ Bennett University

Final year CS students of MBCET took part in an AI & Deep Learning Workshop and Internship that was conducted by at Bennett University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh during June and July.

The workshop was one week long where the students had hands on experience on various platforms of AI and Deep Learning. Further, they had an internship project to work with various members guided by a faculty mentor.

During this event they had participated in a hackathon and also written a paper for their respective projects. The student team comprised of:

Rohit Vijayakumar (S7 CS2)
Vishak Sunil (S7 CS2)
Sharon Andrea Gomez (S7 CS2)
Abhijith V. (S7 CS2)
Bhavya Nair (S7 CS2)
Mable Biju (S7 CS2)
Tarun Thomas Samuel (S7 CS2)

They have achieved stellar benchmarks with their projects. Congratulations Team!!