Teaching & Learning

Teachers use ICT enabled tools for effective teaching-learning process.

           The College has been emphasizing ICT enabled tools for effective Teaching-Learning process. All the teachers were used to conducting lectures using LCDs and smart boards. But due to the pandemic situation, all the teachers had to quickly adapt to Online Teaching and Learning. The College conducted several training sessions on Online teaching using LMS like Google Classrooms, online assessment methods, recording software and other ICT tools. All the lecture recordings and contents were uploaded on the Subject Google Classrooms. Apart from these initiatives, the teachers also attended workshop on E-Content development using video making and editing software, Camtasia and other screen casting software were also conducted. All the teachers use Google Classroom for their respective subjects. To teach mathematical subjects in online mode, teachers have used various online tools like- whiteboard in Microsoft teams, Jamboard in Google meet, etc. This has made the teaching-learning process more effective and available at any point of the time for all the students.

ICT Tools:

  • Projectors- Projectors are available in different classrooms/labs
  • Desktop and Laptops- Arranged at Computer Lab and Faculty cabins all over the campus.
  • Printers- They are installed at Labs, HOD Cabins and all prominent places.
  • Photocopier machines – Multifunction printers are available at all prominent places in the institute.
  • Scanners- Multifunction printers are available at all prominent places.
  • Seminar Rooms- Seminar halls are equipped with all digital facilities.
  • Smart Board- 12 smart board is installed in the campus. 8. Auditorium- It is digitally equipped with mike, projector, cameras and computer system.
  • Online Classes through Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Google Classroom)
  • HackerRank (Online Coding Platform)- inter college competition
  • MOOC Platform (NPTEL, Coursera, SAP, Udemy, Edx etc)
  • Digital Library resources
  • Turnitin (Plagiarism tool)

Use of ICT by Faculty

  • PowerPoint presentations- Faculties are encouraged to use power-point presentations in their teaching by using LCD’s and projectors. They are also equipped by digital library, online search engines and websites to prepare effective presentations.
  • Industry Connect- Seminar and Conference room are digitally equipped where guest lectures, expert talks and various competitions are regularly organized for students.
  • Online quiz- Faculties prepare online quiz for students after the completion of each unit with the help of GOOGLE FORMS.
  • Video Conferencing- Students are counseled with the help of Zoom / Google meet applications.
  • Video lecture- Recording of video lectures is made available to students for long term learning and future referencing.
  • Online competitions- Various technical events and management events such as Poster making, Project presentations, quiz, Debates, paper presentations etc. are being organized with the help of various Information Communication Tools.
  • Workshops- Teachers use various ICT tools for conducting workshops on latest method.

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) was formed to inspire, support and strengthen new directions in pedagogy and learning at MBCET.

 The TLC facilitates:

  1. Preparation for Video lectures and courses through structured workshops
  2. Sharing of good teaching practices among faculty members
  3. Innovation in teaching methods by partnering with faculty members
  4. Faculty development through online learning resources and peer learning

TLC Coordinator

  1. Dr. Tessy Mathew, Professor and Head, CSED
  2. Dr. Neethu Roy, Professor and Dean R & D

Committee Members:

  1. Ms. Elizabeth Varghese, Asso. Professor, Dept. of EEE
  2. Ms Shyju Susan Mathew, Asst. Prof., Dept. of EEE
  3. Mr. Arvind P, Asst. Professor, Dept. of ME
  4. Mr Allen K Johnson, Asst. Prof., Dept. of ME
  5. Ms. Kiran Baby , Asst. Prof., Dept. of CSE
  6. Ms Vijitha Robinson, Asst. Prof., Dept. of CSE
  7. Ms. Laksmi S, Asst. Prof., Dept. of ECE
  8. Ms. Bindu Biju, Asst. Prof., Dept. of CE
  9. Dr Jisha  SV, Asst. Prof., Dept. of CE
  10. Dr. Veena Nair, Asst. Prof, Dept. of SH


March 22, 2022, and April 12, 2022 Microteaching Workshop Dr. K Y Benedict, Principal, Mar Theophilus  Training College, Dr. V. Raghu, Former Director, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development, Swami Gurunandh Jnanathapswi, 30
December 7, 2022 Orientation Program Prof. S. Viswanatha Rao 33
March 20,2021 Online Training Programme on Course Delivery Cycle Dr. Edamana Prasad, Professor, Teaching Learning Centre, IIT Madras 25
08/10/2021 Teaching GenZ Dr. Brijesh Nair Professor and Director (International Affairs & Global Initiatives), O.P. Jindal Global University 30
12/11/2021 20/11/2021 Training Programme on Outcome Based Curriculum (Virtual mode Prof. Joshua Ernest, Professor (Retdd), NITTTR Bhopal 50
9th November 2021 OBE an overview Prof. S. Viswanatha Rao 30
1 Nov 2021 Orientation Program Principal and Vice principal 30
13/08/2021 (Friday) New Normal New Life: Let Us Bounce Back Ms Aparna Pavanajan 24
March 23 2021 Seminar on New Challenges and Opportunities for Technical Education in the context of NEP 2020-Importance of Autonomy Padma Vibhushan Dr G Madhavan Nair, Former Chairman, ISRO 60
21st and 22nd  June 2019 Two day workshop on Integral Education for teachers Mr. Arul Dev
(Founder CEO of People first Consultants)
14th -25th  January 2019 Advanced Engineering Mathematics Faculty’s from S& H 27
23rd July 2018 Teacher a Performing Artist Dr. Premlet B
(Prof. &Head(Rtd),
Dpt. of Physics, TKM, Kollam)
24th July 2018 Creative Leadership in a Rapidly Changing Environment  Sri. Tom Thekkel 30
19th January 2018 Follow-up session on Teaching Learning Prof. Edamana Prasad
(IIT Madras)
23rd July 2018 Talk on Building world class Institution Dr M Ayyappan (Chairman & Managing Director of HLL Life care Limited (HLL)(Rtd)) 86
24th February 2018 Workshop on Creative Learning: A Proactive approach to student centered Learning Dr. Premlet B
(Prof. &Head(Rtd), Department of Physics, TKM College of Engineering, Kollam)
21st -23rd  April 2017 FDP on Teaching Learning Methodologies( TLC,IIT-Madras) Prof. Edamana Prasad
Prof. Rajeev Sukumaran (IIT Madras)
11th Jan-2017 Talk on Introduction to Research Prof Devadas Menon
7th –December 2015 One day Training Program(Communication & Teacher Competency, Skill Implementation, Understanding Psychology of the Learner, Student Assessment) Dr. S Maya,
Dr. Giby Gheevarghese,
Dr. Joju John
(Assistant Professor in Mar Theophilus College, Nalanchira)
Dr. K Y Benedict
(Associate Professor in Mar Theophilus College, Nalanchira)