Ms. Soumya A. V.

Assistant Professor

Room No              :  B 09       Extn:134

Area of interest :
  • Power Electronics and Drives,
  • Biomedical Instrumentation,
  • Power Quality
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Administrative duties:

  • Staff Advisor 2009-2013 batch
  • PG Class Coordinator 2013-2015 batch
  • Staff Advisor 2014-2018 batch
  • Staff Club Secretary 2011-2012
  • STTP on PESA ‘11 Coordinator
  • STTP on PEDTATA ‘13 Coordinator
  • IEEE International Conference – PEDAS’16 Reception Committee
  • Staff Coordinator 2016-2020 batch
  • NAAC Department Criterion 2 coordinator
  • IET Nexuz’19 – seminar in charge
  • Lecture Series Impulse Coordinator
Professional Memberships
  • Teaching: 10 Years
  • Industry: Nil
  • Research: Nil