Ms. Nidhi M B

Assistant Professor

Area of interest:  

  • Sustainability
  • Energy management
  • M learning
  • Supply chain Management
  • Bio-informatics
  • Operation research and Industrial engineering applications
  • Logistics Management
  • Nature Inspired Algorithm and Optimization
  • Disassembly and Eco design
  • Pedagogy and New learning methods.
  • Education research etc


Books Published

  1. Supply chain modeling under carbon trading. Nidhi MB and V. Madhusudanan Pillai. IGI Global 2018.DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5424-0.ch016

Technical publications

  1. Nidhi M B , Sai Ganesh VM,“Integrating marketing strategies with supply chain strategies in using AHP”, 11th ISDSI International Conference to be held at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Tiruchirappalli, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India during December 28-30, 2017
  2. Nidhi.M.B, Sam John Abraham, Integrating Internet-of-Things technology into a perishable product supply chain using AHP: A case study, IIIE -POMS Conference, 20-22 Dec 2016.
  3. Nidhi M B , Sai Ganesh VM, Productivity Study In Small Scale Industry, 57th National Convention of IIIE and  International conference  on Smart Strategies for Digital World  – Industrial Engineering Perspective, Nagpur, 21-22 Oct 2016.
  4. Alen John , Nidhi M.B. “Modelling and Analysis of an Automotive Bumper Used for a Low Passenger Vehicle”, International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT), V15(7),344-353 Sep 2014. ISSN:2231-5381. published by seventh sense research group.5. Alen John, Nidhi M.B, Modelling and Finite Element Analysis of Automotive Bumper under Static Loading, National Conference On Advances In Mechanical Engineering (AIME ’14), Department of Mechanical Engineering, SNM Institute of Management and Technology, Maliankara P.O.,Moothakunnam, Ernakulam, Kerala, 5th March 2014 , pp.9-13.
    6. Alen John, Nidhi M.B , Impact Analysis on the Bumper used for a Low Passenger Vehicle, National Conference On Futuristic Technologies In Mechanical Engineering (NCFT 14), Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology, Trivandrum, Kerala , 22nd & 23rd August 2014.7. Anoop Chandran, Nidhi M B, and V Madhusudanan Pillai, (2013), Sustainability Assessment of Blood Bag Supply Chain: A Case Study, IEEE-GHTC-SAS, 23rd and 24th August, 2013.8.  Anoop Chandran, Nidhi M B, and V Madhusudanan Pillai, (2013), Modelling of Closed-loop Supply Chain Under the Emission Trading Scheme, AIMS, 6-9th Jan 2013.

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    14.  Joe L Bovas, Nidhi M B, Aravind James, Akshay Kannan (2010), Coconut Oil Biodiesel: Possibilities as a Green Fuel for Ecological Hot Spot Areas in Kerala.

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19) M. B. Nidhi and V. Madhusudanan Pillai , Development of a parametric  matrix based on GSCM literature , International Journal of Accounting, Growing  Science, Available Online: April, 2016,    DOI:10.5267/,

22) Nidhi M B, V. Madhusudanan Pillai, Comparing the cost of subcontracting and trading option to assess carbon footprint across supply chain, Industrial Engineering and Operations Managment conference, KL,Malaysia 8-10 th March 2016.

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2. Nidhi M B and B Anil, New Paradigms in Engineering Teacher Training , 24 th Annual Convention ISTE, Souvenir pp-53-57, Theme: “Challenges and Opportunities in Technical Education, Research and Innovation in the Digital world”, Heera College of Engg., Trivandrum on 16th November 2013.

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4. Nidhi M B and B Anil, M Learning : Dealing with Myths, Reluctance and Realities, “Growth of Engineering Education: Issues and Concerns, 22nd Annual Convention , Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Thrissur, 19th November 2011, ( Best Paper Award). .

5. Nidhi M B and B Anil, Challenges faced by Technical Education in the Energy-Climate Era, Souvenir of 21st Annual State Convention of ISTE, pp-63-67. Theme of convention: “Innovative Practices for Excellence in Engineering Education” at SJCET Palai. Won the Best Paper Award, 20th Nov 2010

6. Nidhi M B, 2009, Soft Skills : A boon to enhance Employability, Souvenir of 20th Annual Convention of ISTE, pp-109-111. Theme of convention: Managing Technical education for Leveraging Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

7. Ms Nidhi MB  and Dr Arun surendran  A framework for Entrepreneurship Development in Engineering Education,  First Indian Engineering Deans Council Global Submit on “Engineering Education – current Scenario & Future prospects”, 31st july – 1st August 2015, GRT Grand convention center, chennai, Souvenier pp 52.

8.Nidhi M B and B Anil,  Empathy aligned CSR  framework for Engineering education   First Indian Engineering Deans Council Global Submit on “Engineering Education – current Scenario & Future prospects”, 31st July – 1st August 2015, GRT Grand convention center, Chennai, Souvenier page 46,

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Awards/Achievements: Won the National award for Substantial contributions in Industrial Engineering instituted by IIIE, received at Nagpur, on 22nd Oct 2016.


Professional Memberships: 

  •  ISTE – Life member, (National Executive council member, News letter in charge Kerala Section)
  • IIIE – Executive member 2009 , (Jt secretary Trivandrum chapter during 2015-2017)


  • Teaching:  13 years
  • Research: 4
  • Industry:  4
  • Invited Lectures: 20