Ms. Jomole Joseph Peedikayil

Assistant Professor

Room No     :  B 08                Extn:   133

Area of interest
  • Sustainable Engineering
  • Renewable Energy
  • Lighting & Electrical System Design


  1. “Outstanding Volunteer Award 2018” from IET KKLN for the Volunteering services extended to young professionals of IET
  2. “Outstanding Women Engineer Award 2017” from IET KKLN and Appreciation award for the same from the Management, MBCET
  3. “Promotional Award 2016” from IET KKLN


  1. Praveen Sebastian, Jomole Joseph , PV Based Resonant Two Inductor Boost Converter for Induction Machine Drive Application, Vol 27, No.5, Sept 2015, International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT)
  2. Sheenu V S, Jomole Joseph, A New Control Algorithm for Doubly Fed Induction Motor with Wide Torque-Speed Range for EV/HEV Application, Vol 4, Issue 4, June 2016, International Journal for Scientific Research & Development (IJSRD)


  1. Proof reading for 1st and 2nd edition of “Electrical System Design” authored by Prof. M K Giridharan. 2nd edition revision going on.
  2. Proof reading for 1st edition of “ Handbook for Electrical System Design” authored by Prof. M K Giridharan. 2nd edition updation going on.

 Administrative Responsibilities:

  1. Member of Governing Body (29 August 2018- present)
  2. NAAC Steering Committee (Secretary), Core Committee
  3. NAAC Department Coordinator & Criteria-7 Dept. Coordinator
  4. NBA – Criteria 2 Member
  5. KTU Course Chairman for Design Project (2018), Design & Engineering (2017)
  6. MBCET Placement Unit Member & Dept. Placement Coordinator
  7. IET MBCET On Campus Faculty Coordinator (from 2012-13, 2016-present)
  8. SEEM Student Chapter Faculty Coordinator from EEE
  9. Member of Dept. Strategic Planning Committee
  10. Representative for NISH-MBCET Interactions
  11. Staff Coordinator of 2018-22 EEE Batch presently
  12. Lab-in-charge PG Simulation Lab
  13. Nature Club – Dept. Coordinator
  14. Music Club, Performance & Arts Club, Yoga Club, Women Studies Unit – Member

Outside MBCET

  1. IET KKLN (Kanyakumari Local Network) Joint Secretary (2019)
  2. IET KKLN YP Vice Chairman (2018)
  3. IET KKLN Joint Secretary (2017)
  4. Member of CSE’s Green Educators Network group

(CSE-Centre for Science & Environment)

Professional Memberships
  • MIET, MISTE, Associate Member of SEEM
  • Teaching: 10 years
  • Industry: Nil
  • Research: Nil