Dr. Suvith V S

Assistant Professor

Area of Interest: Nano materials and Nanotechnology, Optics, Electronics


1. Facile synthesis of SnO2/NiO nano-composites: Structural, magnetic and catalytic properties

Ceram. Int., 46 (2020), 786–794

Suvith V.S., Devu V.S., Daizy Philip

  1. Tannic acid mediated synthesis of nanostructured NiO and SnO2 for catalytic degradation of methylene blue

Opt Quant Electron 52(2020), 12.

Suvith V.S., Devu V.S., Daizy Philip

  1. Catalytic degradation of methylene blue using biosynthesized gold and silver nanoparticles

Spectrochim. Acta A, 118 (2014) 526–532

Suvith V.S., Daizy Philip


  1. Catalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange Using Green Synthesized Nickel Oxide Nanoparicles

International Symposium on Converging Technologies for Human Welfare: Botechnology, Nanotechnology and Information Technology Concept to Common Life organized by the Department of Biotechnology, Mar Ivanios College (Autonomus), Thiruvananthapuram – 15, 2nd July 2019

Suvith V. S., Daizy Philip

  1. Catalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue Using Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles

National Seminar on Interdisciplinary Approaches in Material and Biological Research (IAMBR-2018), Mahatma Gandhi College, Thiruvananthapuram, 16-17 February 2018

Suvith V. S., Daizy Philip

3. Ayurvedic Kashayam based green synthesis of silver nanoparticles and its application in catalytic degradation of Organic Dyes

Experience: 11 yrs