Mr. Robin Joseph

Assistant Professor

Area of interest
  • Data Structures
  • Image Processing

1. Ms. Jisha John, Mr. Robin Joseph, Sruthi Ignatious, Dr. Anil Prahladan, “Computer Aided Lung Cancer Detection and Tumor Staging in CT image using Image Processing”, International Journal of Computer Applications, 2015.

2. Mr. Robin Joseph and Adheena Santy, “Segmentation Methods for Computer Aided Melanoma”, IEEE Global Conference on Communication Technologies, 2015.

3. Mr. Robin Joseph and Sruthi Ignatious, “Computer Aided Lung Cancer Detection System”, IEEE Global Conference on Communication Technologies, 2015.

4. Sruthi Ignatious and Mr. Robin Joseph, “Iterative Average Estimation Filter using BDND Algorithm for the Removal of High-Density Impulse Noise”, International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing(IJCSMC), ISSN 2320-088X, Vol.2, Issue 13, December 2013.

Professional Memberships
  • Life time member of ISTE
  • Teaching: 1 year 10 months
  • Research: Nil
  • Industry : 1 year