Mr. Praveen Raj R. S.

Assistant Professor

Employee Code / ID No. 10303005
Qualifications M.Tech (Power Systems)
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Industry / R & D Experience
Email ID [email protected]
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Mobile No (Optional) / Intercom Extension No. 408
Areas of Interest / Current Research Smart Grids, Islanding
Research,  Consultancy, Publication
Ph.D Research Guidance ( Research Scholar, E-mail ID, Research Topic/ Tentative Thesis Tittle) Sarika E P, Mr. Praveen Raj R S, “Comparison of direct torque control of two level fed three phase induction motor with conventional sinusoidal pulsewidth modulation scheme”, in the proceedings of International Conference on Current trends in Engineering and Technology (ICCTET), July 2014.
 Mary Suja Antony, Mr. Praveen Raj R S, “Field oriented control of PMSM with carrier-based Space Vector Pulse width Modulation technique”, International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, Aug 2015.
Mary Suja Antony, Mr. Praveen Raj R S, “Four Quadrant operation of Vector Control of PMSM with dynamic Braking”, International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, Aug 2015.
Mary Suja Antony, Mr. Praveen Raj R S, “Switching Loss Estimation of SiC Mosfet in LT spice”, International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Aug 2015.
Dawn P Varughese, Mr. Praveen Raj R S, “Solar powered closed loop SVPWM inverter connected to grid”, International Journal of Science and Innovative Engineering & Technology, May 2017.
Athul Satheesh, Govind P.N, Harinarayanan S.M, Mukul Krishna & R.S Praveen Raj,” Surveillance, Fire Detection and Protection System for Substations”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Volume 9, Issue 7, pp. 456 -460, July – 2020
Praveen Raj R S, Sreejaya, Hybrid Islanding Recognition Scheme for PV driven Distributed Generators using Rate of frequency deviation and sub-harmonic injectio in Q axis current, International Journal of Elecetrical Engineering and Technology, Vol. 13, Issue 3, March 2022, pp: 1 – 10.
Praveen Raj R S, Sreejaya, Performance Assessment of a Hybrid Islanding Detection
Scheme for PV Based Distributed Generators Combining Total Harmonic Distortion and Bidirectional Reactive Power Injection, Proceedings of the International Conference on Signal Processing, Informatics, Communication and Energy Systems 2022, March 2022, pp: 257 – 262.
Academic / Professional Outreach Activities Chairman, Class Committee S2 EE (2021)
M Tech (PCD) Staff coordinator (2019 to 2021)
B- Tech (S6 EE1) Staff Advisor (2019-20)
Kerala University Exam Chief Supdt. (2016 to 2019)
Asst. HoD (EE- 2011 to 2013)
NBA Accreditation Criteria Co-ordinator (Criteria 10) – 2018 onwards
NBA Accreditation Criteria Co-ordinator (Criteria 8) – till 2018
Crossroads Technical Event co-ordinator 2016
Cross roads Light and Sound co-ordinator
Cross roads Publicity Co-ordinator 2018
Membership in Professional bodies/ organizations ISTE
Community Outreach Activities ILLUMINA Activities
Awards / Distinctions / Rank / Other Achievements if any