Mr.H Aravind Sarma


Qualification M- Tech
email ID [email protected]
Room No. | Extension No. B 100
Area of Interest Communication, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
Publications 1.Aditya Raj, Abhishek Anil, H Aravind Sarma, R Naveen Chandran, Deepa P. L.,
BrainNET: A Deep Learning Network for Brain Tumor Detection and Classification”
Advances in Communication Systems and Networks,
Lecture notes in Electrical Engineering Vol. 656, pp. 577-589, June 2020.
2. Aditya Raj, Abhishek Anil, H Aravind Sarma, R Naveen Chandran, Deepa P. L.,
“Brain Tumor detection from brain MRI using Deep Learning”,
International Conference of Recent Engineering Trends and Technology
Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, December 2019.
3. H Aravind Sarma, Jijo Jose, “Deep Learning Based Real Time Fall Detection Model”,
3rd International Conference on Emerging Techniques in Computational Intelligence,
September 2023.
Details of Faculty as resource person
Achievements of faculty (Like Gate/Net Qualification or any other achievement)
Workshops, conferences, seminars (ORGANIZED)
Workshops, conferences, seminars(ATTENDED) 1. Attended  workshop on Ansys for High Frequency Electromagnetics at MBCET
2. Attended workshop on IoT at MBCET
3. Attended workshop on Ethical Hacking at MBCET
4. Attended workshop on Android Controlled Robotics & IOT at NIT Calicut
5. Attended workshop on Artifical Intelligence at Intel Unnati LAb, MBCET
Professional body Membership
Date of joining @MBCET 9-4-2023
Details of previous work Experience:Industry / Academics / Others 1.Worked as Guest Lecturer in Central Polytechnic College, Vattiyoorkavu.
2. Worked as Firmware Engineer at Vinvish Technologies, Technopark Trivandrum.
Awards First Rank for ECE at MBT[ 2015- 2019] First Rank for TCE [ 2021-2023]