Mr.Divyaprasad S P


Employee Code / ID No. 10123103
Qualifications M.Tech in Geotechnical Engineering
Orcid ID 0009-0009-5592-8301
Industry / R & D Experience
Email ID [email protected]
Alternate E-mail ID [email protected]
Mobile No (Optional) / Intercom Extension No. 8075595576
Areas of Interest / Current Research Soil Stabilization, Fibre Reiforced Concrete
Research, Consultancy
Ph.D Research Guidance ( Research Scholar, E-mail ID, Research Topic/ Tentative Thesis Tittle)
Academic / Professional Outreach Activities
Membership in Professional bodies/ organizations Engineer A License, Urban Affairs Dept., Govt. of Kerala,

Indian Geotechnical Society Life member.

Community Outreach Activities
Awards / Distinctions / Rank / Other Achievements if any M.Tech College (Sarabhai Institute of Science & Technology) Topper, 2018-2020batch Got Best Paper Award for the paper titled ” Influence of Kerosene Coated Saltmarsh Cordgrass fibres on Kuttand Soil” in the first Online National Conference on Recent Trends in Engineeing and Technology organized by Malabar Institute of Technology, Kannurin association with IGS Trivandrum Chapter.
Publications: 1. Divyaprasad S P, Sunil J, Amritha U S (2018), ” Soil Stabilization Using Smooth Cord Grass Fibres”, Indian Patent Application No.: 201841046911.
2 .Kezia Jacob A S, Sunil J, Divyaprasad S P (2018), ” An Innovative Method on Waste Management”, Indian Patent Application No.: 201841046910.
3.Divyaprasad S P, Sunil J, Amritha U S (2019), ” Kuttanad Soil Stabilization Using Smooth Cordgrass Fibres”, International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, 6 (7), 3679-3682.
4. Divyaprasad S P, Sunil J, Vishnu P B (2020), ” Utilization of Salt water Cord Grass Fibres”, Journal of Advances Engineering, 3 (3).
5.Arya K S, Divyaprasad S P  (2022), ” Soil Improvement by Using Coconut Fronds As Reinforcement”, IJERT ICART-2022 Conference Proceedings, 10 (6).
6.Sruthy S R, Divyaprasad S P (2022), ” Experimental study on Using Broken Tile Waste as Waste Filler Material in Stone Column”, IJERT ICART-2022 conference Proceedings 10 (6).
Conferences: 1. Presented a paper titled ” Effect of Polypropylene Fibres on the strength of concrete and Hollow Concrete Blocks” in ICITST 2018  organized by Sarabhai Institute of Science & Technology and Techown.
2. Presented a paper titled ” Study on Improvement of Strength Properties of Kuttanad Soil Using Smooth Cordgrass Fibres” in the first International Conference on Recent Scientific Research in Engineering and Technology organized by John Cox CSI Institute
3. Presented a paper titled ” Strength Improvement in Kuttanad Soil Using Salt water Cord gras Fibres” in the third International Conference on Recent
4. Trends in Science & Technology organized by GKM College of Engineering and Technology, Chennai and Techown on 2020.