Mr. Deepak B

Assistant Professor

Area of interest
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Engine Combustion
  • Alternate Fuels
  • Non Conventional Energy
  1. Deepak B and Salman Nizarudin, Thermo catalytic approach to breaking down long chain polymers to short chain polymers, International Journal of Research in Mechanical Engineering. Volume 4, Issue 3, PP 183-189, ISSN 2347-5188.
  2. Deepak B, Salman Nizarudin, Rohit Anoop Choodan and Anwin mathai, Effective disposal of plastic waste, International journal of Advanced Research Trends in Engineering and Technology. Volume 3, Special Issue 5. ISSN 2394-3785.
  3. A. Ramesh, G. Madhu and B. Deepak, A decomposition analysis on CO2 emission of Indian Cement Industries. International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Management. Volume 3, PP 23-36, ISSN 2231-1319.
Professional Memberships
  • Teaching: 7 years
  • Research: 1
  • Industry: Nil