Dr. Amal Raj

Assistant Professor

Employee Code / ID No. 10122098
Qualifications M.Tech Transportation Engineering, PhD
Orcid ID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9550-031X
Industry / R & D Experience
Email ID [email protected]
Alternate E-mail ID [email protected]
Mobile No (Optional) / Intercom Extension No. 7736606107
Areas of Interest / Current Research Pavement material characterisation, cold bituminous mixes, microstructural and rheological characterisation of binders and mastics, sustainable construction materials
Research, Consultancy, Publication 1.       Amal, R., M. Sivakumar & M.V.L.R. Anjaneyulu (2022), “Investigation of Curing and Strength Characteristics of Cold Mix Asphalt with Rice Husk Ash Activated Fillers”, Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part B: Pavements, American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE. https://doi.org/10.1061/JPEODX.0000408
2. Vimal,C., R. Amal, M. Sivakumar, and M.V.L.R. Anjaneyulu (2022), “Use of Nano-lime Extracted from Egg Shell in Cold Bituminous Mix”, International Conference on New Technologies and Innovations in Rural Roads, May 24-26, 2022, New Delhi
3. Amal, R., J. Narendra, M. Sivakumar, and M.V.L.R. Anjaneyulu (2021), “Performance Evaluation of Cold Bituminous Mix Reinforced with Coir Fibre”, Proceedings of International Web Conference in Civil Engineering for a Sustainable Planet, ICCESP-2021(In collaboration with ASCE), March 5 and 6 March 5-6, 2021. AJIR Books, https://doi.org/10.21467/proceedings.112.67
4. Anand, K., R. Amal, M. Sivakumar, and M.V.L.R. Anjaneyulu (2018), “Effect of Aggregate Gradation and Size on Cold Bituminous Mix Performance”, Proceedings of the 5th Colloquium on Transportation Systems Engineering and Management (CTSEM 2018), NIT Warangal
5. Abhinag, R. Amal and M.V.L.R. Anjaneyulu (2018), “Study on Moisture Susceptibility of Cold Bituminous Mixture”, Shaastra Research Conference (SRC-2018), IIT-Madras
6. Amal, R, K. Pradeep and K. Sitaramanjaneyulu (2017), “Development of Correlation between Roughness Index and International Roughness Index for Indian Condition”, Indian Highways, Indian Roads Congress, New Delhi
7. Prince, T, R.K. Garg and R. Amal (2016), “Vibration-Based Health Monitoring and Damage Detection of Steel Beam”, Structural Engineering Convention (SEC-2016), CSIR-SERC, Chennai
8. Amal, R, V.T. Stephen and V. Sivabala (2012), “Potential use of Phosphogypsum in Concrete” National conference on Sustainability and innovations in Civil Engineering, TKM College of Engg., Kollam
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Membership in Professional bodies/ organizations Life member in Indian Geotechnical Society, Delhi Chapter
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