Ingress Hackathon

08 Feb

Computer Science Department of Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology is very honoured to organize our national-level hackathon, Ingress. It is a platform where students can showcase their talents as well as learn more and at the same time have fun. Ingress’21 is a one week program comprising webinars, workshops, other fun activities and concluding spectacularly with a 24-hour hackathon on February 13th and 14th. Being entirely online, participants can attend the event from the comfort of their homes. Our aim is to encourage and promote students to create innovative solutions and improve their ideas by making them interact with people with common interests. Thus, helping them achieve a successful career in their field of expertise. Through all these events we are sure that the participants will be 100% benefited.
The event is hosted with the help of communities like IEDC, ACE, DSC, CSI, ISTE, Foss Cell and MLSA who are our community partners, and globally reputed organizations including Devfolio, Matic, Portis, Tezos, EchoAR, Figma, Digital Ocean,, StreamYard,, Axure RP, Interview Cake, Jovian, Give My Certificate, Voiceflow, O’Reilly Media are serving as the sponsors of this event.
With the collaboration of all these communities and our Alumni (MBCETAA) support, we are very happy to announce our event

Register now:
Venue: Online
Date: 8th-14th February 2021

Rahul Sunil – +918848782865
Advaith U – +918281057267
Kesia Mary Joies – +918086010528