Ph. D

Ph. D

  • Dr. Jayakumari J. is guiding the following students in their doctoral research work under the APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University in the area of Wireless Communication and Signal Processing:

1. Ms. Revathy Sivanandan

Topic: Biomedical Image Processing and Deep Learning

2. Ms. Syama Sasikumar (CERD Fellowship)

Topic: Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks

3. Ms. Parvathy Prathap

Topic: Light Field Imaging and its Processing

  • The following staff members are pursuing Ph. D:
  1. Prof. S. Viswanatha Rao
  2. Ms. Luxy Mathews
  3. Ms. Ancy S. Anselam
  4. Ms. Swapna P. S.
  5. Ms. Deepa P. L.
  6. Ms. Lani Rachel Mathew
  7. Mr. Niyas K. Haneefa
  8. Mr. Anoop K. Johnson
  9. Ms. Ann Mary Alex
  10. Ms. Ancy Joy
In-house Projects

In-house Projects

  • Study and development of face recognition system for automated classroom attendance.

PI: Ms. Athira V., Co-PI: Ms. Riya John

  • Brain tumor detection from MRI images using Deep Learning.

PI: Ms. Deepa P. L.

  • Implementation of Optical OFDM

PI: Ms. Swapna P. S.

  • Implementation of Wireless Communication System on FPGA

PI: Mr. Shiras S. N., Co-PI: Ms. Ancy Joy

  • Study on Textile Sensors

PI: Ms. Teena Rajan, Co-PI: Mr. Priyadarsan U. S.

  • “Analysis of Voice signals using Throat Microphone” – This project aims at investigating the use of a throat microphone for analyzing voice. For persons with disability in speech, this analysis will be helpful in the designing of suitable voice reconstruction algorithms.

PI: Ms. Lani Rachel Mathew

  • “Autonomous Region Explore and Surveyor (A.R.E.S)” – This project proposing a drone which can map an area autonomously.

PI: Mr. Arun P. S., Co-PI:  Ms. Lakshmy S.

  • Study of Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensors

PI: Prof. S. Viswanatha Rao, Co-PI: Ms. Remya Annie Eapen

Industry - Institute Collaboration Initiatives

The Department has been striving continuously to establish linkages with industry. Experts from industry are invited for giving talks on recent advances in technology. Students are allowed to undertake project works out sourced from industry and seek guidance from well established R&D departments for in-house project developments. Industry experts are also actively involved during various technical activities related to organizing conferences, workshops etc.

    • Connected Announcement System for Hearing Impaired (CASHI) developed for deaf students in National Institute of Speech & Hearing (NISH) has been installed successfully in one of their classrooms on 25 January 2019.

Students members: Pranav Peter (S6 EC1), Joel Raju (S6 EC1)

Guided by: Ms. P. P. Hema, Ms. Lani Rachel Mathew and Mr. Anil Kumar

    • The project titled “Vocal Tract Resonance Measurement” was sanctioned by NISH. The project was demonstrated at NISH on 12 May 2017.

Student members: Nilu Anna George, Rohit S., SelvaGanama, Vamsee Krishnan S.

Guided by: Ms. Lani Rachel Mathew

    • The project titled “Fundamental Frequency Estimation using Praat” was sanctioned by NISH. The project was demonstrated at NISH on 18 September 2017.

Student members: Krishnendu Lalaji, Pooja G. S., Rahul Krishnan K. S.

Guided by: Ms. Lani Rachel Mathew


    • The project “Wireless System for Water Level Monitoring in Overhead Tank” was sanctioned by HLL Lifecare, Trivandrum.

Student members: Abhinand S., Naveen S., Joji John Varghese

Guided by: Ms. Lani Rachel Mathew, Ms. Teena Rajan

    • Centre for Disability Studies, Poojapura, Trivandrum sanctioned the project titled “Interface for Hearing Impaired and Talking Disability with Normal People”.

Student members: Abhishek V., Don Jose, Aiswarya S., Aneeta Regi

Guided by: Ms. Deepa P. L.

    • Centre for Disability Studies, Poojapura, Trivandrum, sanctioned an amount of Rs. 44,000/- for the research project titled “Visual Interface System for the Disabled (VSID)”.

Student members: Vineeth G. K., Geethu S., Nagma Rani, Zabin P. C.

Guided by: Ms. Remya Annie Eapen

    • Centre for Disability Studies, Poojapura, Trivandrum sanctioned the project titled “Kazcha: Text to Speech Convertor”.

Student members: Darrel Daniel, Libya Thomas, Anjumol Antony, Aparna K. S.

Guided by: Mr. Shiras S. N.


A research project titled ‘Study and Implementation of Advanced Low bit rate Audio Encoding and Decoding algorithms’ was approved by ISRO under the RESPOND project scheme during the period 1st Feb 2013 to Oct 31st 2015. The total funding for the project was Rs 13.02 lakhs.

PI: Dr. Sakuntala S. Pillai, Co-PI: Ms. Ancy S. Anselam