Video Lectures

The Mechanical Engineering Department has taken initiative to promote Online Learning for students by supporting them with video lecture of various courses on YouTube. The details of the classes are  given below :

  1. Engineering Mechanics – Mr. Deepak B S –
  2. Dynamics of Machinery – Dr. Vinod V –
  3. Principles of Management – Mr. Arvind P –
  4. Mechatronics, Manufacturing Technology, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Computer Programming and Numerical Methods – Dr Deepak G Dilip –
  5. Computer Programming and Numerical Methods, Programming in C, Refrigeration and Air conditioning – Mr. Melvin Jacob –
  6. inventory problem (IE) – Dr Nidhi MB –
  7. Refrigeration and Air conditioning – Mr Bobin Saji George-
  8. Basic Mechnical Engineering – Mr Deepak B.


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To impart Technical Knowledge and Values through continuous Training and Research for the overall development of the Stakeholders.