All the students are given a basic training in various sections like fitting, foundry, sheet metal, smithy, carpentry, plumbing, welding etc.

Machine shop

The students are given an excellent opportunity to familiarize themselves and acquire hands-on experience in machine tools like Lathe, Shaper, Milling Machine, Drilling Machine, Cylindrical & Surface Grinding Machines etc.


Mechanical Engineering Lab

The Mechanical Engineering lab includes the study of basic principles involved in Metrology and Instrumentation and Metallographic Testing. The students are provided excellent facilities to make them understand the importance of precision instruments, their principles and operation and application of various measuring techniques. The lab is well equipped with machines including Autocollimator, Tool maker’s Microscope, Polishing Machines, Lathe Tool Dynamometer etc.

Thermal Lab

The aim of the lab is to give a practical insight to the students about various modes of Heat transfer and to conduct experimental tests for the better understanding of thermal engineering principles. The lab is well equipped with test rigs for various studies including the principle of ccomposite wall, natural convection and forced convection, heat exchangers, compressors, blowers etc.

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Lab

Fluid Mechanics is one of the core areas in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The students are given an opportunity to understand the various principles in Fluid Mechanics and their practical applications through a well equipped laboratory.

Hydraulic Machines is another important area that deals with the working and application of different types of Hydraulic Machines in the various fields of Engineering. The lab is well equipped with turbines used in hydro-electric power plants and pumps used in various practical applications. Students are given hands on training on these machines.

Some of the important test rigs available in the lab are Venturimeter, Orificemeter, Pumps, Turbines etc. Cut models of reciprocating pump, various impellers, different runners & guide vanes, pipe fittings & joints are also displayed in the lab.

Heat Engines Lab

The lab aims at providing the students hands-on experience on the working of various heat engines. The lab is well equipped with single and multi cylinder engines, MPFI engine and other experimental set ups to determine viscosity of liquids, calorific value of fuel etc.

Production Engineering Lab and Engineering Workshop

Production Engineering is an important area in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The students are exposed to various machine tools used in industries through a well equipped machine shop.

The machine shop is well equipped with various types of CNC machines, lathes, surface grinders, milling machines etc. Students are given hands on training on these machines.

Lab in charges

SI No Lab / Workshop Name Faculty in-Charge Staff in-Charge Room No
1 Mechanical Engineering Workshop Mr. Abhiram R Nair. Mr. Sukumaran Asari WS 1,2,3
2 Machine Shop Dr. Vinod V. Mr. Sukumaran Asari H 104
3 CNC Lab Mr. Mobin M Mathew Mr. Balamurali D. H 106
4 Heat Engines Lab Mr. Vaisakh S Nair Mr. Sijo Thomas H 101
5 Fluid Mechanics & Machines Lab Mr. Ajeesh M.V. Mr. Anil Kumar R. S. H 102
6 Metrology Lab Mr. Bipin Sankar Mr. Shijin Kumar H 206
7 Thermal Engineering Lab Dr. P.S. Prasanth Mr. Biju Androose H 207
8 CAD Lab Ms. Ruby Maria Syriac Mr. Aravind M. S. H 202
9 Dynamics Lab Mr. Deepak B.S. Mr. Aneesh S. C. H 302A


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To impart Technical Knowledge and Values through continuous Training and Research for the overall development of the Stakeholders.