Ms. Kiran Baby

Assistant Professor

Area of interest : Cloud Computing, Computer Networks

Publications :

  • MultiCloud Architecture: An Approach for Augmenting Security in Clouds,Proceedings of 2015 Global Conference on Communication Technologies(GCCT 2015), ISSN:978-1-4799-8553-1/15.
  • Cobbs: A Multicloud Architecture For Enhanced Security & Business Intelligence. IEEE International Conference On Data Mining And Advanced Computing (Sapience), 2016.
  • Big Data: An Ultimate Solution in Health Care ,International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887),Volume 106 – No.10, November 2014.
  • IoT : Mod Cons for Infuriating Problems in Cities, International Conference on Skills Engineering & Technology, Conclave, June 2016


Since 1 August 2017 MBCET

1 Yr Mar Ivanios (Guest Lecturer, Bvoc Software Development)

6 Months(Faculty Trainee, ICT Academy Of Kerala)

3 Years(Senior Systems Engineer, Infosys)